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We are extremely grateful for the tremendous and warm support we have received from all over the world.
Japan's recovery is well under way and we look forward to seeing you in Japan soon.
Information Relating to the Great East Japan Earthquake


[Radiation monitoring]

*Radiation Readings at Narita Airport
Narita International Airport has installed radiation monitoring equipment and provides independent sample radiation readings twice a day, at approximately 10:00am and 7:00pm.

*Chiba prefectural government website
(radiation readings taken in Chiba prefecture)
*Nuclear Regulation Authority website
(radiation readings taken in various parts of Japan)
*Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism website (Japanese only)
Radiation readings at airports in Greater Tokyo

*Chiba prefectural government website(Japanese only)
(radiation readings taken by the Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau)

[ Donation boxes for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake]
*Donation collected from donation boxes
Thank you sincerely for your generous support.