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Car park information and status

Car Park information and status

  P5 (For terminal 1 users)
Main Information
? Ground level and multi-storey (4 levels above ground) parking
? Space for 590 cars (240 spaces available for reservation)
* no parking for buses or motorcycles
? Overhead clearance of 2.3 meters on ground level parking and 2.1 meters in multi-storey parking
Car Park Status
?Click here for parking status.


Payments can be made by credit card.

A 50% discount applies upon presentation of a Physically Disabled Persons Handbook or similar documentation.
(Please ask at the exit payment terminal intercom.)

♦ Please Note ♦
* Please advise in advance if you intend to leave your vehicle longer than 20 days.
* Any vehicle left for 90 days or more without notification from the owner will be deemed to be abandoned, towed away and disposed of. The owner will be liable for parking charges accrued during that time and the cost of disposing of the vehicle.
* Please do not forget to lock the doors before leaving your vehicle.
* We accept no responsibility for vehicle collisions and other accidents caused by reasons attributable to the user.
* Other matters will be handled in accordance with the General Car Park Administrative Regulations.
? Departing passengers should unload their baggage in front of Terminal 1 before parking in P5.
P5 route information here.

If arriving via the expressway, please exit at Shin-Kuko interchange, enter the airport through Gate 1 and follow the Terminal 1 arrivals signs.


Terminal 2 users should use the free terminal shuttle bus which departs from Bus Stop No. 6 (here) in front of the Arrivals Lobby on the 1st floor of Terminal 1.

* Narita International Airport Information: +81 (0)476-34-8000

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