Universal Design Service Facilities:Wheelchair-accessible Restrooms・Multipurpose Restrooms (ostomy toilets)

Wheelchair-accessible Restrooms

The restrooms are spacious and have automatic doors which are opened and closed at a touch of a button to facilitate easy access. The restrooms have handrails inside and the wash basins have been fitted in low, reachable positions.

Check the Terminal Guide for locations of Wheelchair-accessible Restrooms.

Multipurpose Restrooms (ostomy toilets)

The multipurpose restrooms can be used by anybody from wheelchair and ostomy users to those requiring special assistance, as well as parents with little children. The restroom comes complete with a slop sink, wash basin, multipurpose sheets and an emergency button.

Check the Terminal Guide for locations of Multipurpose Restrooms (ostomy toilets).

Assistance dogs including service dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs, may accompany their owners into the passenger terminal areas.

Assistance dog toilet

Toilets for assistance dogs are provided in the area after international departure procedures for the convenience of passengers traveling with them. For access, please inquire at the nearest information counter. The staff will usher you to the facility and unlock it.
Assistance dog toilets are equipped with sinks for disposal of waste, disposal pet mats, leash hooks, toilet paper, washstands with paper towels, etc.
Should your assistance dog need toilet facilities before departure facilities, please inquire at the nearest information counter.