Universal Design Service Facilities:Tactile Flooring

Tactile flooring

Tactile flooring is installed along the departure and arrival flows in each terminal. The tactile flooring shows the direction to the departure lobby information counter from the railway stations and from the pick up and set down zones in front of the terminals when arriving by train or car. An airport staff member will take you to the check-in counter of your airline where an airline staff will offer assistance to the boarding gate.Airline staff also offer assistance from the arrival gate to the baggage claim area on arriving at Narita. From there, an airport staff will be on hand to help you from the Customs area to the arrival lobby information counter. Tactile flooring shows the way from the information counter to the railway stations or to the pick up and set down zones outside.Please feel free to ask for assistance if you require an attendant to guide you.

Check the Special Assistance Intercoms page for further information on assistance services.

Information in Braille (with intercoms for assistance and for finding toilet locations)

Braille information boards are located inside the terminals. Braille panels with intercoms attached provide information on the location of facilities, etc. If you have any questions, please use the intercom to call an attendant. Braille information panels at the entrances to toilets describe the type of toilet and the layout inside.