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Arrival and Departure Procedures: Information on International Arrival Procedures

♦Step 1 Quarantine

In the event of an outbreak of an infectious disease, passengers will receive a quarantine questionnaire while on board the aircraft. Please fill in the necessary information and submit at the Quarantine counter on arrival.
Please inform the quarantine office or report to the health consultation room if you suffer any symptoms such as fever or diarrhea.

Photograph of the Quarantine counter

♦Step 2 Immigration

Please proceed to the Immigration counter and present your passport and disembarkation card.

Things to Prepare
  • Passport
  • Disembarkation Card
Photograph of the Immigration counter

♦Step 3 Baggage Claim

Check your flight number and go to the baggage carousel.
Please check your baggage claim receipts when retrieving baggage.
Baggage carts are available around the carousel if you have many items of baggage.

Things to Prepare
  • Baggage Claim Receipts
Photograph of the baggage claim area

♦Step 4 Plant & Animal Quarantine * Only if applicable

Passengers bringing plants (including fruits, vegetables, and seeds) or animals (including hams, sausages, and other meat products) into Japan must have them inspected at the Plant and Animal Quarantine counter.

Things to Prepare
  • Import Items
Photograph of the Customs inspection counter

♦Step 5 Customs Inspection

All passengers must submit a Customs declaration form on arrival. Please write down what you have purchased overseas as well as any gifts and items you have brought into Japan on this form.
Passengers who have not exceeded the duty-free allowance and have nothing to declare should go to the Green Counter. All other passengers or passengers who are unsure should go to the Red Counter.
Passengers with unaccompanied baggage or items must submit 2 Customs declaration forms.
Once Customs inspection is complete, please proceed to the arrival lobby.
Arrival procedures are now complete. Welcome to Japan!

Things to Prepare
  • Baggage, Suitcase, etc.
  • Customs Declaration Form
Photograph of the Customs inspection counter

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