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Arrival and Departure Procedures: Information on International Departure Procedures

♦Step 1 Check-in

Go to the departure lobby (4th floor in Terminal 1, 3rd floor in Terminal 2, 2nd floor in Terminal 3).
Proceed to the counter and present your ticket and passport. The staff will issue you with a boarding pass.
Check-in all your baggage other than those that you will carry on the aircraft yourself, and receive baggage claim receipts.
Passengers on travel agency group tours should complete departure and boarding procedures as instructed at the travel agency counter.

Things to Prepare
  • Passport
  • Air Ticket
Photograph of the check-in counter

♦Step 2 Security Check

Baggage inspections and body checks are performed on all passengers for security reasons.
Show your boarding pass to the security officer and place your carry-on baggage on the scanner conveyor belt.
Please then pass through the metal detector gate for a body check.

Things to Prepare
  • Boarding Pass
Photograph of the metal detector

♦Step 3 Customs * Only if applicable

If you are carrying cash in excess of 1 million yen(*), please go to the Customs counter and complete the relevant procedures.
* 0.1 million yen when you are bound for North Korea

Things to Prepare
  • Declaration of Carrying of Means of Payment, etc.
Photograph of the Customs counter

♦Step 4 Passport Control

Present your passport, boarding pass and embarkation card at the passport control counter and have your passport stamped.
Counters by the office area have wider aisles for the convenience of passengers in wheelchairs.
Once passport control procedures are over, you have officially stepped out of Japan. Please enjoy shopping at the duty-free shops while you wait to board.

Things to Prepare
  • Passport
  • Boarding Pass
  • Embarkation Card
Photograph of the passport control counter

♦Step 5 Boarding

Check your gate and boarding time on your boarding pass, and follow the directions to the departure gate shown in the corridor.
Passengers making their way to a boarding gate in the Satellite Building in Terminal 2 should use the connecting corridor on the 2nd floor in the Main Building.
Boarding commences at least 30 minutes before departure time, so please make sure you arrive at the boarding gate with plenty of time to spare.

Things to Prepare
  • Passport
  • Boarding Pass
Photograph of a boarding gate

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