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Narita International Airport Ofiicial Multilingual Voice Trancelation App



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Video presentation of NariTra

Video presentation of NariTra

What NariTra can do

Speak into your Smartphone and have your words translated into other languages
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Available language

Now we support 8 language Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, French, Spanish

※Thai, French, Spanish are only available in text translator.

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How to use NariTra

There are two translation methods
Method 1 When the phone vibrates against your ear,
Hold the Smartphone to your ear and speak
The device will vibrate when it is close to your ear, speak when the vibration stops. When you have finished speaking, take the device away from your ear. When you have removed the device from your year, the result will be displayed in order from the top down. (* This may not work with some Smartphones)
Method 2 Speak as you watch the screen
Press the microphone icon and speak
Press the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen and start speaking. When you are finished speaking, press the OK button. The result will be displayed in order from the top down.
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From application start to translation (just two steps)

Speak when you are on this page
Page description
  • The language can be changed by tapping this area
  • Tap this button to change text translator for Thai, French and Spanish.
  • If the Smartphone does not vibrate against your ear, tap this button and speak.
  • Tap this button to view a history of translations
The translation will be displayed
Page description
  • The words you spoke
  • The words recognized by the application If they match, the translation is generally accurate
  • Translation
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Can the application be used on iPad and iPod touch?
Yes. It is compatible with iPad and iPod touch.
With which devices and operating systems can the application be used?
Devices installed with iOS 6.0 or later and Android 2.2 or later.
Can translated text be copied?
Hold your finger on the translation output to select the text to be copied.
Can I delete the translation history?
Swipe to the left on the item you wish to delete to display the DELETE button on the right hand side.

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Overview of the Application

  • Application name: NariTra
    * A combination of the two words, "Narita" and "translator".
  • Speech translation functions provided by: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
  • Applicable languages: Japanese ⇔ English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai , French, Spanish
  • Price: Free of charge
    * Any costs associated with using the application are the responsibility of the customer.
Terminals OS Release date
iPhone iOS 6.0 or later 22 December 2011
Android Android 2.2 or later 22 December 2011
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