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The definitive guide to Japan!! TABIMORI

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What TABIMORI can do
TABIMORI, the hospitality app from Narita Airport, provides the answers for any problems, anything you need to know or anything you want to find out while in Japan.
Includes a handy function for use in areas where there is no Internet access. TABIMORI is an essential travel item for convenient, trouble-free travel in Japan.
Extensive offline accessible contents
Extensive range of useful functions which are accessible without Internet access. This app can even be used in tourist locations with no free Wi-Fi where communications are less than ideal.
Clip function stores data
Information accessed by the app online is automatically stored internally so that it can be viewed again without the need for Internet access. This means that, for example, users can get the latest updates on the information they need via the free Wi-Fi at their hotels, etc., and then browse through the information anytime, anywhere during their trip without having to connect to the Internet.
TABIMORI functions
List of contents

Life and Culture

  • The app provides simple explanations incorporating pictures and photographs for the meanings of words, customs, cultural aspects, rules and ways of doing things for various situations that might be encountered while in Japan.
    Under the "food" category, for example, there are detailed explanations with photographs of typical Japanese dishes.

Weather Forecast

  • The app also provides three-hourly and weekly weather forecasts for major cities throughout Japan.
    The latest information is obtained online and is kept for 2 days for viewing offline.
    * Weather forecasts vary from hour to hour so it is advisable to access this information online wherever possible.
    Information source: Weathernews Inc.

Speech Translation

  • NariTra speech translation app provided by Narita Airport.
    Provides voice or text translations between Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, etc.
    * App must be installed separately.

Currency Converter

  • Exchange rates are obtained from a server to calculate conversions between Japanese yen and 34 other currencies. This is a convenient feature for shopping since it instantly converts the amount in Japanese yen into the home currency of the user.
    Exchange rates obtained online can be used for currency conversions offline. Currency exchange rates are calculated at the median rate between the sell rate and the buy rate.
    Information source: Greenport Agency Co., Ltd.

Transfer Guide

  • Average traveling times, number of connections and fares can be displayed by simply inputting departure and arrival stations in English. Multiple possibilities are displayed to enable the user to select the optimum route.
    Furthermore, a search can be made of the nearest station by obtaining current location using GPS.
    Information source: HyperDia (Hitachi Systems, Ltd.)

Free Wi-Fi Guide

  • Guide to free public Wi-Fi services for visitors to Japan.
    * App must be installed separately.

Preorder Duty-free Items

  • Enjoy smart shopping and great deals using the duty-free pre-order site by Narita Airport's largest duty-free shop, Fa-So-La!

Japan News

  • NHK World broadcasts news and other programs on Japan and Asia today via television, radio and internet. The Japan News corner provided by Yomiuri Shimbun also provides the latest news from Japan.

  • The app is linked to, the world's No. 1 portal site for information on Japan among visitors to the country, visited by around 2 million users every month. Latest tourism information can be obtained by accessing the site from the section within TABIMORI, and this can then be browsed offline using the clipping function.
    Pages previously viewed online are denoted with a symbol to indicate that they have been clipped.

Phrase Book

  • The app also provides a collection of essential phrases for use in a variety of situations that might be encountered while in Japan. Each phrase is accompanied by a Japanese translation to enable the user to communicate effectively using the screen display wherever they may be.

QR Code Reader

  • QR codes are used by some places in Japan for website URLs. Scan the QR code to direct your browser to the website.

Emergency Manual

  • Explains initial response and evacuation actions in the event of an earthquake, using easy-to-understand illustrations, provides a guide to apps that come in useful should anything unexpected occur, and offers a compendium of essential information including sources of information and contact points, etc. in the event of an emergency.

Public Service Agencies

  • A collection of useful information ranging from notices from public agencies and guides to tourist information offices across Japan, to information regarding tourist destinations.

List of Embassies

  • A list of embassies is also provided in the event of an emergency or a problem arising while in Japan.

Airport Information

Flight Information

  • TABIMORI contains links to flight information pages at major airports in Japan.

Official Narita Airport apps

  • NariTra:Turn your smartphone into an interpreter! Multilingual voice translation app
  • NRT_Airport Navi:You'll never lose your way at the airport again! Notifications of flight times and gate changes!


  • Switching between English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Korean and changing personal settings.
    To delete cached clip data, select "Cache Data" under the "App Data Management" option and click on "Delete".

■ Function Icons

Can be used without Internet connection.
Once viewed within the app, content can be accessed again without Internet connection.
Use with Internet connection.
Can the application be used on iPad and iPod touch?
Yes. It is compatible with iPad and iPod touch.
I cannot enter the station name for the connection information.
The station name can only be entered in English or Japanese. Please enter it in English if you are using the Chinese or Korean version.
Where does the flight information come from?
This is provided by the official websites of the respective airports.
How up to date is the currency conversion information?
The date and time the rates were updated are shown on the currency conversion screen.
Description of app

Name of app:TABIMORI
Languages:English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Japanese
Available from: Download from App Store or Google Play

Please note that telecom charges associated with downloading and using the application are the responsibility of the user.

Compatible terminals Compatible operating systems
iPhone iOS 7.1 and later
Android Android 4.0 and later
Please note:
- Some functions may be difficult to use depending on network and server conditions
- Information display for individual functions may include unedited content from other web sites. Users of the app should check the accuracy of the information displayed.