Service Facilities

Group Lounge

Here you will find a range of group lounges allowing you to relax before departure and make use of reception services, group travel meeting spaces, meeting rooms, and spaces for a range of needs.

Terminal 1

Room nameLocationFormatSeatsAreaPrice (tax inclusive)
Regular seatsAuxiliary seatsFirst 60 minutes Extension
(30 minute increments)
90 minute use
C-1  Central Building, 5th Group461061m221,600 JPY10,800 JPY32,400 JPY
C-220-39m210,800 JPY
5,400 JPY
RassurantIndividual4418141m21,030 JPY/person *No time restrictions
S-14th Floor, South Wing
(Departure Lobby)
241171m230,240 JPY15,120 JPY45,360 JPY
S-2Group221156m223,760 JPY11,880 JPY35,640 JPY
S-3221156m223,760 JPY11,880 JPY35,640 JPY
S-4221155m223,760 JPY11,880 JPY35,640 JPY
N-14th Floor, North Wing
(Departure Lobby)
Reception 141145m219,440 JPY9,720 JPY29,160 JPY
N-2 141150m219,440 JPY9,720 JPY29,160 JPY
S-101st Floor, South Wing
(Arrival Lobby)
201151m219,440 JPY9,720 JPY29,160 JPY
N-101st Floor, North Wing
(Arrival Lobby)
161165m223,760 JPY11,880 JPY35,640 JPY

Terminal 2

Room nameLocation
Price (tax inclusive)
Regular seats
Auxiliary seats
First 60 minutes Extension
(30 minute increments)
90 minute use
Rassurant  Main Building,
4th Floor, North

4114135m21,030 JPY/person *No time restrictions
251468m223,760 JPY11,880 JPY35,640 JPY
A-3301894m232,400 JPY16,200 JPY48,600 JPY
A-4201465m221,600 JPY10,800 JPY32,400 JPY
A-5Main Building 2nd FloorReception
14744m215,120 JPY7,560 JPY22,680 JPY
A-614748m217,280 JPY8,640 JPY25,920 JPY
 16760m221,600 JPY10,800 JPY32,400 JPY
P-1Main Building 2nd Floor,
Multistory Car Park
10543m210,800 JPY5,400 JPY16,200 JPY
P-2Group819126m228,080 JPY14,040 JPY42,120 JPY
P-354693m221,600 JPY10,800 JPY32,400 JPY
B-8Main Building, 1st Floor
(Arrival Lobby)

16563m221,600 JPY10,800 JPY32,400 JPY

*A-2, room 3 and A-5, room 6 can be used as standalone rooms if needed.

Business hours

 7:00 - 21:00 (year-round)

Booking line (hours)

 0476-32-2364・2375 (Open year-round from 9:00 AM--6:00 PM)

Service details

Group Lounge catering services

You can order plates of hors d’oeuvres, meals, coffee, and more.
Please contact us by telephone at least four days before you use the facilities to arrange for catering services.

Halal Meals

Halal meals prepared by the special Halal in-flight catering kitchens for international flights are also available.
Please contact the number above to request or ask for more information on Halal meals.
(Requests must be made 5 days in advance.)

Group lounge currency exchange services

You can arrange to have dedicated personnel on hand for currency exchange for groups of 20 or more people.
*Please book at least seven days in advance. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.
Currency Exchange Service Information
Currency exchange service for groups of 20 or more.
*Must be reserved 7 days in advance. Please contact us for more information.

Currency Exchange Service Inquiries:
GPA Currency Exchange Office
*For telephone inquiries, please call Mon. to Fri. between 9:00 and 12:00, and 13:00 and 17:30. Further currency exchange information concerning rates, etc. is available at the following website.
GPA Currency Exchange Office website

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