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Portable DVD Player Rental

You can rent out portable DVD players at Tsutaya. Rent with DVD software to get even more out of your device!

Terminal 1

Pick Up & ReturnHoursReservations
South Wing, 4th Floor(Departures)
Pick up & return7:00 - 21:00TEL:+81 (0)476-33-2121
FAX:+81 (0)476-33-2122
Central Bldg, 1st Floor(Arrivals)
J WiFi & Mobile
Return only (*)7:00 - 21:00-

* DVD players rented from TSUTAYA only. Please use the 4th floor shop to report late return, loss, theft or malfunction.

DVD players can only be reserved by fax. Click here to download the reservation form (in Japanese only) and fax it to TSUTAYA at least three days before your departure. TSUTAYA staff will reply as soon as they have checked availability.

Portable DVD player rental rates

 6 days8 days11 daysLate return(per day)
DVD player¥1,800¥2,000¥2,200¥600
Long life battery¥600¥700¥800¥200

A TSUTAYA membership card and credit card must be produced for rental (some membership cards may not be eligible).
Residents of Japan can join immediately upon proof of residence.
All prices are inclusive of tax.
All DVD players are equipped with standard 3-hour batteries.
Long-life batteries last for up to 10 hours.
Battery life will depend on the way it is used.
Headphones are not included in the rental pack.