Damage to Films by Airline X-Ray Scanning Equipment

Aviation security has been stepped up since the terrorist attacks in the US on September 11 2001 and airports in the US and many other countries around the world carry out security checks using highly sensitive X-ray scanning equipment.

When check-in baggage containing film is scanned, highly sensitive X-ray equipment is used to detect metallic objects containing, including the silver halide and films and unexposed films could be exposed to the X-rays.

Currently, arriving baggage from other airports overseas and transit baggage is scanned at Narita Airport with partial high sensitivity X-Rays. However the check-in baggage X-ray scanners at Narita Airport will not expose ISO1600 film

However, highly sensitive scanners may be used at other airports overseas where you transit or check in and, therefore, unexposed film should be carried on board for safety.

Some airports overseas also scan carry-on baggage with highly sensitive scanners so the safety of your film should be checked with airport officials or airline employees at those airports.

Where such equipment is in operation, film can be taken out of your baggage for individual inspection.