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When entering Narita Airport
To ensure the safety of our customers and of airport operations, all personnel entering Narita Airport (including passengers and those seeing off & meeting passengers or visiting the airport) are required to produce identification.
Please make sure you bring some form of identification with you (passport, driving license, health insurance card, student card, etc.) to show at the airport gates if you are coming by car, or at the checkpoints at the station exits if you are coming by train.
Weapons and dangerous combustible (including fireworks and firecrackers) are prohibited inside the airport.
We ask that you understand this requirement, and request your cooperation.
Beware of theft
Check this page for information on theft incidents and how to take precautions.
Warnings and advice on overseas travel
Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Overseas Safety HP

Stores selling transparent re-sealable plastic bags for restricted carry-on liquids
There are restrictions on items that can be carried on board aircraft (for international flights).
Please refer to the Security Guide for more information.
Click here to find stores selling transparent re-sealable plastic bags
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