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When entering Narita Airport

To ensure the safety of our customers and of airport operations, customers entering Narita Airport may be denied access or be asked to produce identification.
* When asked to produce identification, please show your passport, driving license, health insurance card, student card or some other form of identification.
Please also note that weapons and dangerous combustibles (including fireworks and firecrackers) are prohibited inside the airport.
We ask that you understand this requirement, and request your cooperation.

Please Note

Theft does occur in the airport and car parks.
Click here for information on thefts and how to take precautions.

Terminal Guidance of airline

Narita Airport has three passenger terminals: Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Click on the Terminal Information link to see which terminal your airline uses.

Airline contact details

Flights today

Flight information for arrivals and departures at Narita Airport is available on this web site on the "Flights Today" page or by contacting Narita International Airport Flight Information.

Flights today

Information by Phone

Narita International Airport Information: +81(0)476-34-8000
Directions for Use
Restrictions on Items Carried On Board

Some items are permitted inside the aircraft and others are prohibited.
For international passengers, there are restrictions on liquids taken on board.
Please refer to the Security Guide for more information.

Meeting Arriving or Departing Passengers

Customers who are not boarding an aircraft may not enter the area beyond outbound passport control.
Customers farewelling, meeting or waiting for passengers are asked to remain in the public areas before outbound passport control and after inbound passport control.
Click here for a list of convenient locations to wait.

Meeting Transit Passengers

<Meeting International Transit Passengers>

Transit passengers connecting from one international flight to another normally proceed straight to their next departure gate and do not pass through Immigration and Customs at Narita. Access to this area is restricted to departing passengers.
The passenger wishing to leave the restricted area to meet friends needs to obtain a temporary entry permit. Arrangements for these permits can be made with your airline prior to departure.

<Meeting Passengers Connecting Between International and Domestic Flights>

■ Passengers connecting from international to domestic flights
Passengers can be met after clearing inbound passport control after arriving on an international flight and before boarding procedures on domestic flights.
■ Passengers connecting from domestic to international flights
Passengers can be met after arrival on a domestic flight in the area before outbound security screening and passport control for international flights.
For further information, please contact the airline.

Airline contact details

Aircraft Watching

Arriving and departing aircraft can be seen at close quarters from the observation decks in Terminals 1 and 2.
Click here for more information on the observation decks.