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What's New
Carrying On Board and Checking In Batteries for Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras and Other Devices
Donation boxes for the victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake
Passengers who previously have been unable to purchase liquids (alcohol, cosmetics, etc.) at duty-free shops due to regulations limiting volume of liquids carried by transit passengers will now be able to purchase those items.
Apology for Shutdown of Narita Airport Website & Explanation
Please pack liquid items purchased at off-airport consumption tax-exempt stores inside suitcases and check them in at the check-in counters
Hospitality Program for International Transit Passengers at Narita Airport!
Attention Passengers on Early Morning Flights
Effect of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Please do not pack cigarette lighters and other dangerous items in suitcases!
Health alerts
Automated Gate Installation
New Entry Procedures Will Start
Beware of theft
When entering Narita Airport