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Beware of theft

1Left Theft
  There has been a spate of incidents involving the theft of unattended suitcases, bags and valuables in the arrivals and departures lobbies of Terminals 1 & 2. Many incidents have been reported in the arrivals lobbies in particular.
Airport users should be particularly careful with cash, digital cameras and wristwatches.

When to be careful
  Never take your eyes off your belongings when using the telephone, exchanging currency, chatting, or checking in. Don't leave your baggage unattended and remember to pick up your valuables if you put them down for any reason, even in the toilets. Theft can happen anywhere!
> Make sure that any bags containing cash or valuables are carried with you at all times.
Place your suitcase in front of you and place any bags firmly between both feet to prevent theft.
>Leaving a cart unattended with your belongings on it is a sure way to get them stolen. Always have your cart in front of you.

2Theft from Cars
  To prevent theft in the car park, never leave your bags in the car.

3Theft While Overseas
  Be alert while traveling abroad and pay proper attention to your belongings so that you do not fall victim to theft.

Police Advisory
To prevent theft in the car park, never leave your bag in the car.
Whether it contains valuables or not, it is signal to potential thieves that something valuable may be inside.
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