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Meeting Arriving or Departing Passengers
For security reasons, all personnel entering Narita Airport must produce identification. Please ensure that you bring a driver' license, health insurance card, student identification card or some other form of identification when you come to the airport.
Please also note that weapons and dangerous combustible (including fireworks and firecrackers) are prohibited inside the airport.
We ask that you understand this requirement, and request your cooperation.
When entering Narita Airport
Which Terminal?
Narita Airport has two passenger terminals. Airlines use either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. Click on the Terminal Information link to see which terminal your airline uses.
Terminal Information
Checking Arrival and Departure Times
Arrival and departure times are available every day from the following sources.
Flight Information on website
Flight Information by phone
Where to Meet?
Narita Airport has designated meeting points and excellent restaurants in which to wait for arriving and departing passengers.
Meeting Points
Shopping & Dining
Aircraft Watching
The observation deck and restaurants in Terminal 1 offer a panoramic view of the runway.
Best Vantage Points
Meeting Transit Passengers
International Transit Passengers
Transit passengers connecting from one international flight to another normally proceed straight to their next departure gate and do not pass through Immigration and Customs at Narita. Access to this area is restricted to departing passengers.
The passenger wishing to leave the restricted area to meet friends needs to obtain a temporary entry permit. Arrangements for these permits can be made with your airline prior to departure.
Domestic Transit Passengers
Transit passengers connecting from an international flight to a domestic flight may be met once they have cleared Immigration and Customs. Those connecting from a domestic flight to an international flight may be met in the unrestricted area before passport control.
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