Narita International Airport Ofiicial Multilingual Voice Trancelation App

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Japanese ⇔ English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, French, Spanish


Can the application be used on iPad and iPod touch?
Yes. It is compatible with iPad and iPod touch.
With which devices and operating systems can the application be used?
Devices installed with iOS 6.0 or later and Android 2.2 or later.
Are telecom charges included in the packet flat-rate service I subscribe to?
Yes. They will be included in the packet flat-rate service.
How much do packet charges cost?
Approximate telecom charges (reference)
If you were to say "Konnichiwa" in Japanese and translate this into "Good afternoon" in English, this would cost more than 45 yen in Japan and more than 135 yen overseas. We strongly recommend subscribing to a packet flat-rate service if you are planning to use this application via the 3G network.
How can I explain how to use this application to persons not from Japan?
Usage instructions for the application can be displayed in English, Chinese and Korean in addition to Japanese. Select the applicable input language and tap on the icon below to display the instructions.
Can I delete the translation history?
Swipe to the left on the item you wish to delete to display the DELETE button on the right hand side. Tap on this button to delete the item from history.
Can translated text be copied?
Hold your finger on the translation output to select the text to be copied.
There is something wrong with the translation result.
This service is provided on the assumption that conversational phrases such as "How much is it to Tokyo by taxi?" or "Where are the check-in counters?" are translated one sentence at a time. The application cannot process short and long phrases that do not constitute a word or a sentence, nor does it accept local dialects.
What does "This is the meaning that others will hear" mean?
When translating from English to Japanese, for example, the English text displayed in the "This is the meaning that others will hear" section is the back-translation of the Japanese which resulted from the translation of your spoken phrase (this is called reverse translation). The purpose of this is to allow you to compare the translation with your original input. If the reverse translation result is different to what you had intended to say, please rephrase the sentence and try again.
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