What TABIMORI can do

TABIMORI, the hospitality app from Narita Airport, provides the answers for any problems, anything you need to know or anything you want to find out while in Japan.

Includes a handy function for use in areas where there is no Internet access. TABIMORI is an essential travel item for convenient, trouble-free travel in Japan.

Extensive offline accessible contents
Extensive range of useful functions which are accessible without Internet access. This app can even be used in tourist locations with no free Wi-Fi where communications are less than ideal.
Clip function stores data
Information accessed by the app online is automatically stored internally so that it can be viewed again without the need for Internet access. This means that, for example, users can get the latest updates on the information they need via the free Wi-Fi at their hotels, etc., and then browse through the information anytime, anywhere during their trip without having to connect to the Internet.
TABIMORI - Travel Amulet - Description

Name of app: TABIMORI
English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Japanese
Available from: Download from App Store or Google Play
Cost: Free
* Please note that telecom charges associated with downloading and using the application are the responsibility of the user.

Compatible devices:
iPhone (iOS 7.1 and later)
Android (Android 4.0 and later)


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