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Can the application be used on iPad?
Yes. It is compatible with iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad.
Are telecom charges included in the packet flat-rate service I subscribe to?
Yes. They will be included in the packet flat-rate service.
Which flights can I register in MY FLIGHT?
For international flights departing from Narita International Airport.
The error message "The date entered cannot be retrieved. Please check your entry." appears on the flight schedule setting screen. (Android version)
Flight dates can be selected up to 3 months ahead.
Can the countdown until the scheduled departure time (40 minutes before departure time) be adjusted?
No. This cannot be adjusted. Please use 40 minutes as a rough guide.
Where can MAP NAVI be used?
It can be used inside Passenger Terminals 1 and 2 at Narita International Airport. (Only map and shop display feature available for the domestic areas)
MAP NAVI does not recognize the present location and displays the error message "Unable to connect to the server."
(iPhone version) Please connect to "FreeWiFi-NARITA" from the Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone. MAP NAVI will become usable when your iPhone has connected to free Wi-Fi.
(Android version) Please activate your Wi-Fi settings.
The present location shown is incorrect.
This application supplies present location information based on position data from Wi-Fi access points. Errors could occur in the present location information depending on the status of the nearby access points or the operating system used.
The application does not show the present location.
Present location information may be affected by the status of signals from the nearby access points. Please move to a different location and press the "Display present location" button again on the lower right of the MAP NAVI screen.
What can you do from the MORE icon?
It allows the user to change the basic settings and look up instructions for using the application, FAQs and other types of information.
What is "Log" in the settings screen?
This is the application access log (user data, not including personal information). Location information is acquired based on the user's consent to Article 7 Paragraph 5 of the Terms of Use. This setting is used to switch the automatic upload function for the access log on or off.*
* Present location information and various other navigation functions cannot be used when automatic upload is switched off.
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