Wireless LAN

At Narita Airport, wireless LAN access is available at nearly all areas of the terminals.

Wireless LAN (charge)

Customers with wireless LAN compatible computers can use our wireless LAN service in the arrival and departure lobbies and the areas after outbound passport control in Terminals.

The following services are available.
(* Depending on your location.)

docomo Wi-Fi, BB mobilepoint and more.

Roaming services are available via the service providers above.
Please contact your Internet service provider for further information on service details, access method and charges, etc.

Wireless LAN(no charge)

Wireless LAN (No Charge) Access

In order for you to access Internet quickly and conveniently, this service does not use security measure such as WEP key, which one usually needs to configure for client terminals when connecting to a wireless LAN router,. For those who prefer secure connection, we recommend using VPN (Virtual Private Network) or the paid public hotspots services.

Customers with their own laptop or smartphone, etc. can make use of our wireless LAN network throughout Terminals.
* Reception may be weak in some areas.

Access procedures are as follows.
  1. Select the network, FreeWiFi-NARITA, on your laptop or smartphone.
  2. Launch your internet browser.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to connect to the internet.
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Free wireless LAN desks are also available in the following locations.

Terminal 1

After Passport Control

Free wireless LAN desks


3rd Floor
* Various locations in the floor.

Charging area (free)

Charging areas are available in a number of locations in the terminals. They are available free of charge. Please feel free to make use of them.
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