Access to Central Tokyo

This page provides information on access between Narita Airport and metropolitan Tokyo by train and bus.

Route Diagram

Standard Traveling Times by Train and Bus

Origin and Destination

Via Skyline

Travel Time:47 minutes  Transfers:1 time

Narita Express

Travel Time:50 minutes  Transfers:0 time

Express bus

Travel Time:Fastest 60 minutes  Transfers:0 time

Information is correct as of 26 November, 2022
  • ・All train travel times are from Airport Terminal 2 Station. Train traveling time does not take into account time taken making connections and should, therefore, only be used as a general guide. Bus times displayed are optimum times. When using public transport, always check the web site of the operator first.
  • ・Please allow plenty of time as transportation services may be delayed due to traffic congestion or weather conditions.
  • ・Your terminal will depend on the airline you use.
  • ・Travel time from Airport Terminal 2 Station to Terminal 3 is approximately 6 minutes on foot or 10 minutes by free shuttle bus.
    However, please allow plenty of time when using bus services as they may be delayed or canceled due to traffic congestion.
  • ·The number of transfers varies depending on the time zone.

Fast and convenient!

Keisei Skyliner Express

Narita Airport Station/Airport Terminal 2 Station 〜 Nippori Stn./Ueno Stn.

All seats reserved. Minimum time to Nippori All seats reserved. Minimum time to Nippori 36mins /Charges¥ 2,570*

All seats reserved. Minimum time to Nippori All seats reserved. Minimum time to Ueno 41mins /Charges¥ 2,570*

*One-way fare + reserved seat charge.
¥2,557 if using IC card (IC fare 1,257 + reserved express ticket 1,300).

Photo: Keisei Skyliner

No transfers – convenient!

Narita Express (NEX)

Narita Airport Station/Airport Terminal 2 Station
Main stations incl. Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yokohama

All seats reserved. Minimum time to Tokyo 50mins /Charges¥ 3,070*

*One-way fare + reserved seat.
¥3,072 if using IC card (IC fare 1,342 + reserved express ticket 1,730).
Reserved seat limited express fares vary by season.

Tickets required for boarding the N'EX

Photo: Narita Express (NEX)

Express Bus

Narita Airport 〜
Shinjuku and other main stations and hotels, Tokyo Disney Resort and other sightseeing areas

Please contact the operating company for detailed information.(List of Contacts for Inquiries)

Photo: Limousine Bus

Photograph depicting Keisei bus

Reasonable and frequent!

■Airport Bus TYO-NRT

Narita Airport 〜 Tokyo Stn., Ginza Stn.

Day time operating intervals : 10~20mins, Minimum time: approx. 62mins, ¥1,300

■Narita Shuttle (Suspension of Service)
Photograph depicting carriages

Narita Airport〜Osaki Stn.

Peak time operating intervals: approx. 30mins, Minimum time: approx. 75mins, ¥1,000