「Sendai, Matsushima」


City of trees, SendaiAs the name suggests in Japanese, Sendai is a city which is rich in natural landscapes. Aoba-dori is the street that runs through the center of the city while Jozenji-dori is lined with Japanese zelkova trees. Visitors can appreciate the beauty brought with each season as they stroll along these streets.
Sendai is not only the home of such historical landmarks as Sendai Castle, Date Masamune, a military commander in the Senkoku (Warring States) period, it is also well-known for local cuisine such as beef tongue and ramen noodles.
Late-night buses on the route are configured with three seats to a row. Relax on your way to your destination without a care in the world.

hotos courtesy of Matsushima municipal government


Matsushima is one of three most scenic locations in Japan with a picturesque scenery made of around 260 islands.
Matsushima is best enjoyed from one of the many sightseeing boats that cruise among the islands. There are several cruise options to choose from

Service Details

Narita Airport ▶︎ 
Sendai, Matsushima
Narita Airport T3 21:40
Narita Airport T2 21:45
Narita Airport T1 21:50
Nishi-Funabashi Station 22:45
Kashiwa Station 23:30
Sendai Station, West Exit 5:15
Matsushima Coast 6:00
Sendai, Matsushima ▶︎ 
Narita Airport
Matsushima Coast 21:50
Sendai Station, West Exit 22:50
Kashiwa Station 4:30
Nishi-Funabashi Station 5:15
Narita Airport T2 6:00
Narita Airport T1 6:05
Narita Airport T3 6:10
Fare One way Round trip
Sendai 7,700 yen 12,340 yen
Matsushima 8,100 yen

Narita Airport Transport Co.

Bus seating

Three individual seats per row

Discount Round trip Fare

A discount round trip fare of 12,340 yen is available on the Narita Airport~Sendai, Matsushima route.

For this discount to apply, both journeys must be within one month from each other and booked at the same time.

How to Purchase Tickets

Reserve online

Reservations are accepted from 1 month to 5:00 p.m. on the day prior boarding.

Tickets available for purchase from the Miyagi Transport Sendai Bus Center

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