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The ancient city of Kyoto with its many historical buildings is an extremely popular destination, not only with Japanese customers, but with visitors from abroad. It also became the first city in Japan to come top in the rankings of the most attractive cities in the world by a major US travel magazine.
The service to the ancient capital of Kyoto will undergo a major restructure. Passengers can also purchase a five-point package that includes a luggage delivery service so they can head off sightseeing as soon as they arrive at Kyoto Station at 6:25 a.m., as well as a breakfast buffet, tickets to Kyoto Tower Observation Deck, tickets to the public bath at Kyoto Tower and rental cycles.
The night bus saves on accommodation and leaves the entire day open for sightseeing.


Narita Airport to "Universal Studios Japan®" by overnight express bus! With new attractions opening all the time and a number of popular characters, this has become one of the most popular theme parks in the world in recent years. Express bus services have made access at a reasonable price possible. Overnight express bus services offer a lot of advantages for those who want to make the most of the time at "Universal Studios Japan®".

Reasonable fares.
With seating in rows of three, passengers can stretch out and save on accommodation costs!
The money saved can be used to buy souvenirs or for food!
No connections, direct access.
Open the curtains to reveal the world of movies. No bothersome transfers to pull you back to reality!
Arrive between 8 AM and 9 AM and enjoy the full day as soon as the park opens.
(It may take some time to enter the park when it is congested.)
Just in time to take a trip after work or school!
Departing from Terminal 2*at Narita Airport at 9:35 PM, passengers can extend their weekend ride home to Narita Airport and organize an after work trip!

*Departs from Terminal 1 at 9:40 PM. There is no service departing from Terminal 3.
Click on the following link for information on Getting to Terminal 2 From Terminal 3:

Service Details

Bus schedule

Narita Airport 
▶ ︎Kyoto・Osaka・Universal Studios Japa®n
Narita Airport T2 21:35
Narita Airport T1 21:40
Keisei Narita Station 22:00
Tomisato Bus Terminal 22:08
Yotsukaido Station 22:35
Akihabara Station 23:40
Kyoto Station,Hachijo Exit 6:25
Kyotanabe Parking Area 6:49
Osaka Station 7:29
Minatomachi Bus Terminal/td> 7:49
Osaka Namba 8:04
"Universal Studios Japan®" 8:34
Universal Studios Japan®・Osaka・Kyoto 
▶︎ Narita Airport
"Universal Studios Japan®" 20:00
Minatomachi Bus Terminal 20:25
Osaka Namba 20:40
Osaka Station 21:05
Kyotanabe Parking Area 21:45
Kyoto Station,Hachijo Exit 22:15
Akihabara Station 4:54
Yotsukaido Station 6:01
Tomisato Bus Terminal 6:22
Keisei Narita Station 6:31
Narita Airport T2 6:51
Narita Airport T1 6:56

From 7,240 yen to 8,540 yen (Narita Airport - Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit)
From 7,760 yen to 9,060 yen (Narita Airport - "Universal Studios Japan®")


Chiba Kotsu Co., Ltd., Nankai Bus Co., Ltd.

Bus seating

3 seats per row

How to Purchase Tickets

Purchase at Narita Airport

Obtain tickets at the Narita Airport Bus Ticket Counter


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