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The historical town of Nikko can be accessed relatively quickly, located approximately 3-and-a-half hours away by bus. Nikko is home to the World Heritage site, the Toshogu Shrine, famous for being the location where the first Tokugawa Shogun Ieyasu is enshrined and for its three wise monkey and sleeping cat carvings. Nikko offers a rich natural surroundings for visitors to explore, including Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Falls.
From April 2017, the service is made available all year round and the bus frequency from Narita increase to three daily run from the twice daily last year. On this service that links the historical city of Nikko and Narita Airport, we provide tourism leaflets in cooperation with Nikko City. Passengers on route to Nikko can read Nikko Tourism leaflets to find out more about tourist attractions there. These are offered free of charge to passengers to inform about things to see in Nikko. During the bus trip, passengers are introduced to the official Nikko City public application, “Nikko Strolling Navi” which passengers can use to search for tourism attractions and recommended routes to walk. As soon as they arrive in Nikko, visitors will be able to use this to enjoy their time there.
There are three bus schedules a day to suit passengers' plans. The first bus arrives at Nikko Station at noon and passengers can start sightseeing straight away. The second bus is for tourists who want to go straight to their accommodation and arrives at Nikko Station at around 3.00 p.m. The third bus, which is the new addition, is for customers who arrive at Narita Airport later in the day, and the bus departs from Narita Airport at just after 2:30 p.m.

Service Details

Bus schedule

Narita Airport ▶︎ Nikko
First bus Second bus Third bus
Narita Airport T3 8:50 11:05 14:35
Narita Airport T2 8:55 11:10 14:40
Narita Airport T1 9:00 11:15 14:45
Moka 10:40 12:55 16:25
Yanagida Depot 11:05 13:20 16:50
JR Utsunomiya Station,
West Exit
11:25 13:40 17:15
Kanuma IC Entrance 11:50 14:05 17:43
JR Nikko Station 12:38 14:53 18:31
Nikko ▶︎ Narita Airport
JR Nikko Station 14:42
Kanuma IC Entrance 15:20
JR Utsunomiya Station,
West Exit
Yanagida Depot 16:10
Moka 16:35
Narita Airport T2 18:15
Narita Airport T1 18:20
Narita Airport T3 18:25

4,500yen (Narita Airport - JR Nikko Station)


Chiba Kotsu and Kanto Transportation

Bus seating

4 seats per row

How to Purchase Tickets

Reserve online

* Tickets for buses departing from Narita Airport cannot be reserved. Please obtain them at the Narita Airport Bus Ticket Counter on the day of use.

Purchase at Narita Airport

Obtain tickets at the Narita Airport Bus Ticket Counter


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