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Popular tourism destinations in Toyama include the historic village of Gokayama, one of the World Heritage sites listed by UNESCO and included in World Cultural Heritage, and famous Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, both of which are popular with visitors from abroad. Each season offers something different to be enjoyed by the traveler.
There are several options for passengers traveling on the Toyama & Kanazawa route with panormic views of nature and traditional castle towns. Passengers can select the breakfast option to satisfy their hunger on arrival in Toyama in the morning. The “Wandering Gourmet Coupon” option allows passengers to ride the trams around Toyama Town and includes masuzushi (trout sushi) packs and other items. We offer a ticket set that passengers can purchase to travel from Toyama Station to Tateyama Station which is a starting point of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. These options enable passengers to enjoy the delights of the towns as well as the natural beauty of the Tateyama mountain ranges.

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Kanazawa has many attractive locations featuring traditonal Japanese townscapes such as Kenrokuen (The Garden of Six Attributes), one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. It is also famous for local dishes in which products of the sea and the mountains are used.      
During all four seasons, many tourists all over the world gather Kanazawa to experince the traditional Japanese culture and foods.


Service Details

Bus schedule

Narita Airport
 ▶︎ Toyama & Kanazawa
Narita Airport T3 21:10
Narita Airport T2 21:15
Narita Airport T1 21:20
Shin Urayasu 22:40
Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 23:45
Sunshine, Ikebukuro 0:20
Toyama Station 7:30
Kanazawa Station 8:45
Toyama & Kanazawa
 ▶︎ Narita Airport
Kanazawa Station 21:10
Takaoka Station 22:15
Toyama Station 23:10
Sunshine, Ikebukuro 6:20
Shin Urayasu 7:40
Narita Airport T3 8:47
Narita Airport T2 8:50
Narita Airport T1 8:55

5,900 yen~ (for tickets to and from Narita Airport)



Bus seating

Relax(4 seats per row)・Comodo(3 individual seats per row)

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Telephone reservations are accepted at the WILLER TRAVEL Customer Center


10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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