Universal Design Service Facilities:Car Parks and Parking Discounts

Car Parks and Parking Discounts

Parking spaces for disabled users are only available in Parking P-1 and P-5 in front of Terminal 1, and Parking P-2 in front of Terminal 2. Please ask any of the attendants for information on their location.

When returning home, push the intercom call button on the wheelchair-compatible pre-payment machine, then follow the directions given by staff and show your disability booklet to the camera. The car parking fee will be reduced by half.
*There are no pre-payment machines in Car Park P-3. Passengers using P-3 should contact the P1 administration office (0120-03-2253) before they exit the car park.Staff will arrive in about 10 minutes.      

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Vehicle paging intercoms are provided for the convenience of arrival passengers wishing to page those who have come to pick them up in Car Park P-2.
An attendant will make an announcement in the car park on your behalf.

The intercoms are located by the car lane in front of Terminal 2, and next to the elevators on each floor (except the 2nd floor) of Car Park P-2 from the 1st floor to the roof.