Universal Design Service Facilities:Quiet Rooms

Quiet rooms for people with autism and other disabilities.

Dimly lit, quiet rooms.

Narita Airport offers quiet rooms for people with developmental disorder or intellectual disabilities or mental disorders and their families to assist them to prepare for air travel.

  • These rooms are helpful for relieving stress for people who are susceptible to noise, light or eye contact.
  • Reducing stress allows them to calm down and avoid panicking.
  • First aid rooms are also available.
  • First aid rooms are locked. To get access, please telephone the number on the door.
  • A member of our staff will come and unlock the room.
  • Clinics with doctors in attendance are available. Please proceed to the closest clinic if you require medical attention.

Quiet Rooms's location and photos of facilities

You can check the details of Quiet Rooms offered in each terminal.

Locations:Terminal 3, Main Building, 3F (Public area )

facilities: 1 front chamber(1 sofa), 2 private rooms (2 chairs each)

Locations:Terminal 3, domestic departure area, 3F (After departure procedures)

facilities: 1 private space (2 chairs)

Locations:Terminal 3, international departure area, 3F (After passport control)

facilities: 1 private space (2 chairs)