How to Use Face Express

Face Expressロゴと顔認証マシン
Read and agree to the User Policy and proceed with your passport to a check-in kiosk with the Face Express logo.
Passenger who have checked in online should proceed directly to a self-service bag drop or a security checkpoint. Passenger can register for Face Express at both locations. Your boarding pass will be required.

The service cannot be used if any of the following applies:

  1. For infants and toddlers;
  2. The assistance of a third party is required to operate devices or pass through gates for the Service;
  3. User data has already been recorded for another flight on the same business day at Narita International Airport;
  4. A valid IC passport is not held;
  5. Facial recognition is not possible due to the wearing of a mask, sunglasses, or other accessories;
  6. The Boarding Airline does not fulfill the usage criteria for each procedure within the airport; or
  7. The Company or the Boarding Airline determines that the use of the Service is otherwise inappropriate.
顔認証マシンの顔撮影画面イメージ 顔認証マシンの利用規約画面イメージ
Please follow the instructions to register your passport information, facial profile data and boarding pass information.
Passengers may access to self-service bag drops and to pass through security checkpoint gates and boarding gates with their facial ID

Participating Airlines and Face Express Areas

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