Customer Privacy

Personal Information Used

Face Express acquires and uses the following personal information for boarding procedures using facial recognition technology.

Customers Who Prefer Not to Use Facial Recognition

Customers who prefer not to be photographed for boarding procedures are asked to use a staffed check-in counter and gates that do not bear Face Express information.

Please Note

  • Face Express equipment uses cameras to capture facial profile images. Therefore, it is possible that people around the boarding passengers may be photographed.
  • Facial images of those not using Face Express are immediately deleted from the system.
  • Some of the above information will be acquired for confirmation of registration to Face Express momentarily even if passengers does not wish to use the system. However these acquired information will be deleted immediately without saving to the system.
  • Face Express can only be used for procedures when using system equipment.
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Privacy Policy

Personal Information obtained is used solely for boarding procedures. Facial images registered on Face Express and other data that can identify the individual is automatically deleted within 24 hours.

Registration (Check-in Kiosk)

The airport company obtains boarding pass information from the airline only for those passengers who have completed the procedure on the kiosk screen for participating in the service.


When the passenger's identification has been successfully authenticated at the boarding gate, the boarding pass information is provided by the airport company for processing by the airline that the passenger is planning to board.

The passenger is asked to agree to the flow of personal information on the kiosk screen when participating in the service.

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