Hospitality application "TABIMORI" for foreigners visiting Japan.

Termination of TABIMORI Hospitality App for Visitors to Japan

Effective 12 2022, the TABIMORI app will go out of service.
Users will still have access to some functions after that time but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content.
Please note that we will not respond to any problems after the service is terminated.
We thank you for your support in using our service.

Approved version of Japanese guide application!
A free hospitality application "Travel Protection: TABIMORI - TRAVEL AMULET -"

Lots of functions to help visitors to Japan while they are in the country

Provides basic information on the lifestyle and culture of Japan as well has handy phrases along with essential
information for touring Japan such as weather forecasts, transport connections and currency exchange.
With links to free Wi-Fi information and voice translation apps, TABIMORI offers handy assistance for a comfortable, convenient trip.

TABIMORI can also be used offline

A host of convenient functions that can be used without an internet connection.The app downloads information updates while connected to the internet so the user can check transport
connections, currency exchange rates and weather forecast while offline.

Downloaded and trusted by tens of thousands

Since its release in 2014, TABIMORI has been downloaded and used by 450,000 happy users. (as of May 2019)

9 languages!

The app is available in English, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Korean, Indonesian, Thai, French, Spanish and Japanese.

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