Narita International Airport navigation application "NariNAVI"

Announcing the first indoor airport navigation app in Japan!
NariNAVI enables the user to check their current position in any of the passenger terminals in Narita International Airport against a map displayed on their smartphone screen, retrieve the same information on shops, restaurants, flights, etc. as that shown on the airport's website and navigate to those locations (route display). The purpose of the app is to help airport guests to navigate the terminals without getting lost and spend their time efficiently and in comfort.

This information is also available on the airport website and can also be used.
* Some functions on the website version ("Precision Position Finding" function and "My Flight Registration") are not available.In addition, the desktop version of this website supports only Google Chrome and Safari browsers.(

* With the release of NariNAVI, the NRT_Airport NAVI and Narita Concierge NariCo apps are retired as of 28 September.

Hospitality application "TABIMORI" for foreigners visiting Japan.

Approved version of Japanese guide application! We released a hospitality application "Travel Protection: TABIMORI - TRAVEL AMULET -" equipped with functions that foreigners visiting Japan can conveniently use while staying in Japan.

Various contents available offline

"TABIMORI" will solve all "in trouble! want to know! want to look!", which customers face while traveling without connecting to the Internet !

A Brand New Upgrade Released on 31 July 2017!

9 Different Languages!(English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Indonesian, Thai, French, Spanish, and Japanese)