Hospitality application "TABIMORI" for foreigners visiting Japan.

Approved version of Japanese guide application! We released a hospitality application "Travel Protection: TABIMORI - TRAVEL AMULET -" equipped with functions that foreigners visiting Japan can conveniently use while staying in Japan.

Various contents available offline

"TABIMORI" will solve all "in trouble! want to know! want to look!", which customers face while traveling without connecting to the Internet !

A Brand New Upgrade Released on 31 July 2017!

9 Different Languages!(English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Indonesian, Thai, French, Spanish, and Japanese)

Narita International Airport official application "NRT_Airport Navi"

At Narita International Airport, we have released the official Narita airport application "NRT_Airport Navi" which is compatible with both iPhone and Android terminals for customers using the airport.

It incorporates not only functional aspects but also the design that makes the image of the world and the sky imaginable, it is an application that further boosts the excitement of the international atmosphere rich in the airport and the excitement of traveling.

Multilingual voice translation application "NariTra"

Multilingual voice translation application "NariTra" Narita Airport produces a multilingual voice translation application "NariTra" for smartphones!

At Narita airport, as a front door of Japan, we offer free multilingual voice translation application "Smartphone NariTra (Naritra)" for customers coming from abroad and customers departing abroad. Please use as a tool of travel by all means.

* This service will be terminated on 31 March 2018.
After this date, please use the multilingual voice translation application, VoiceTra, provided by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).

Audio agent application "Narita concier NariCo"

The world's first airport version voice agent application was born!
Just talk to the application how to use!
It is a concierge application realized by collaboration between NTT docomo and Narita Airport.
"Narito Airport Original Character" NariCo (Narico) "will answer your questions by voice, such as" Tell me the departure flight to Paris today "," I want to eat ramen at the airport "· · · etc.