Enjoy at the Airport

NAA Art Gallery

Terminal 1,

Before Passport Control

NAA Art Gallery

NAA Art Gallery has on display paintings as well as a wide range of other art pieces, including photographs, illustrations and embroidery for the artistic enjoyment of airport users.
Non-passenger visitors to the airport are also welcomed to view the work on display.


6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m. on the final day of an exhibition) 365 days a year (excluding days of delivery in and out)



Exhibit Schedule Inquiries
2018/7/19(Thu)~2018/8/7(Tue) The World of Smito the Illustrator- Lulled by a Gentle Breeze -

Exhibit Content

The World of Smito the Illustrator- Lulled by a Gentle Breeze - 2018/7/19(Thu)~2018/8/7(Tue)

Illustrator Smito has produced some new works for this forthcoming exhibition.
Here you will find the epitome of "Japanese cute", the allure of Japan.
See the pictures in the pop art utilizing two different types of touch and rediscover the attractions of Japan both new and dormant interwoven with a range of Japanese information.

The moment of departure and then the arrival; the beginning and end of a journey.
Enjoy a small break in your journey and sample some of Japan.



Illustrator, Product & Graphic Designer
Representative for Design Studio and Su Rue Design
Representative of Su Rue Illustration & Design School
Worked on a number of illustrations and designs including the mascot character for Dance School Zumba, "Zumba-kun". Recipient of several awards and have sat at the head of an adjudicating panel for an environmental design competition.

Graduated from the Osaka University of Arts and studied basic arts at Long Island University, New York. Studied under Yoshiharu Higa, a world famous artist now resident in New York.