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NAA Art Gallery

Terminal 1,

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NAA Art Gallery

NAA Art Gallery has on display paintings as well as a wide range of other art pieces, including photographs, illustrations and embroidery for the artistic enjoyment of airport users.
Non-passenger visitors to the airport are also welcomed to view the work on display.


6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m. on the final day of an exhibition) 365 days a year (excluding days of delivery in and out)



Exhibit Schedule Inquiries
2020/8/6(Thu)~2020/8/25(Tue) My Fukushima – Bridge of Dreams 2019 Winning Entries Exhibition

Exhibit Content

My Fukushima – Bridge of Dreams 2019 Winning Entries Exhibition 2020/8/6(Thu)~2020/8/25(Tue)

Thank you for visiting the ‘My Fukushima – Bridge of Dreams 2019 Winning Entries Exhibition’, organized by the Fukushima Bridge of Friendship Society. This exhibition showcases 52 outstanding works selected from among some 2,000 entries in this year’s art contest for elementary school children in Fukushima Prefecture. Following the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and the subsequent nuclear disaster, Fukushima was shrouded in a cloud of negativity that affected people’s attitudes and actions in all aspects of life. This art contest came from the desire to bring about change through pictures of ‘a bridge of dreams’, drawn by the children who are the area’s future.Thanks to continued support this contest, now in its seventh year, has become well established within Fukushima Prefecture, reaching a total of 10,000 entries over that time. Like those that came before, this year’s winning entries brim with the children’s uniquely rich imagination and use of color. We hope you enjoy viewing Fukushima’s strong recovery through ‘Bridge of Dreams’.


Fukushima Bridge of Friendship Society

A group of businesses based in Fukushima Prefecture which improves social infrastructure through the construction of steel bridges.