Have Fun at Narita Airport

Fragrance Diffusion in Passenger Terminals

Terminal 1

Terminal 2

The area before inbound passport control

Fragrances are diffused in the passenger terminals at Narita Airport to give arriving passenger the feel of Japan. Enjoy the visual presentations of the various attractions in Japan shown on the large digital signs in the arrival concourses and you take in the beautiful fragrances made from 100% natural oils.

* This experience is available in the area before inbound passport control. For arriving international passengers only.
* Closed from Friday, 3 April 2020.


Terminals 1 & 2

4 locations in Terminal 1

  • 4F Satellite 1
  • 4F Satellite 2
  • 4F Satellite 3
  • 2F South Wing

4 locations in Terminal 2

  • 2F Main Bldg. North
  • 2F Main Bldg. Central & North
  • 2F Main Bldg. Central & South
  • 2F Main Bldg. South


The fragrances of the forest using fragrances made from fir, eucalyptus, Japanese cypress, lime and peppermint, etc.

* The raw materials for the fragrances are natural oils extracted from 100% natural materials by steam distillation and pressing and no artificial chemical substances or extraction solvents are used. Fragrances are produced in accordance with the guidelines set down by the International Fragrance Association, an international regulatory organization for the safety of perfumes and fragrances.