Kabuki Experience Gallery & Shop

Terminal 1

After Passport Control

Kabuki Gate is a Kabuki experience gallery and shop designed to introduce the traditional performing art of Kabuki!
Enjoy an exhibit of specially produced life-sized mannequins adorned in Kabuki costumes and wigs, and Kumadori (Kabuki makeup) face app, and a shop selling original goods and select products associated with Kabuki.
An authentic display committed to realism supervised by Shochiku Co., Ltd.

Autumn Exhibition

  • 【Program】Tsuchigumo
  • 【Character Name】Tsuchigumo’s spirit

The spirit of a Tsuchigumo spider that had changed into a Buddhist monk reveals itself in its true identity. This play originated with the Noh play “Tsuchigumo” and it is from Noh that both the costume and wig originate, although they have been changed slightly to make them unique to Kabuki. The cloud pattern on the Happi coat is commonly used on the costumes of characters who represent spirit apparitions, and the pattern of the spider web decorating the outer garment is the symbol of the Tsuchigumo spirit. The white hairs that can be seen here and there on the wig are also assumed to be spirits that have attained aeon.

  • 【Program】Honcho Nijyushiko (24 Paragons of Filial Piety)
  • 【Character Name】 Yaegaki Hime (Princess Yaegaki)

Yaegaki Hime appears in Honcho Nijushiko. She is one of the most representative princesses in Kabuki called Akahime. Their costumes are made from the scarlet satin, hirinzu, and embroidered with gold and silver thread. Yaegaki Hime has her hair done in a Fukiwa, typically worn by princess characters, with the Hime Sashi hair ornament made from four layers of silver ornament figured plum blossom.

  • 【Program】Kanjincho
  • 【Character Name】Musashibou Benkei

One of Kabuki’s most popular performances, Kanjincho has been adapted from Noh theater. Even the costumes incorporate much of the Noh style. In this play, Benkei protects his master Yoshitsune as they masquerade as priests journeying through the northern provinces. The pleated hakama worn by Benkei displays letters and a design associated with Buddhism, and his ribe is one stolen from a priest.