Kabuki Experience Gallery & Shop

Terminal 1

After Passport Control

Kabuki Gate is a Kabuki experience gallery and shop designed to introduce the traditional performing art of Kabuki!
Enjoy an exhibit of specially produced life-sized mannequins adorned in Kabuki costumes and wigs, and Kumadori (Kabuki makeup) face app, and a shop selling original goods and select products associated with Kabuki.
An authentic display committed to realism supervised by Shochiku Co., Ltd.

Autumn Exhibition

  • 【Program】Momijigari (Maple Viewing)
  • 【Character name】the female demon of Mount Togakushi

In the second half of the dance "Momijigari," Princess Sarashina shows her true nature, appearing as a demon. She completely transforms her appearance from that of a beautiful princess and attacks Taira no Koremochi in the form of a horrible witch, eyes wildly painted, and the two engage in furious battle. Cloud patterns adopted in costumes often indicate a monster or a demon.

  • 【Program】Momijigari (Maple Viewing)
  • 【Character name】Taira no Koremochi

Heike's warrior nobility, Taira no Koremochi, who came to Mount Togakushi, with his servants, is invited by Princess Sarashina, who happened to meet them by chance, to enjoy the autumn leaves. In the latter half of the story Taira no Koremochi, sword in hand, bravely withstands the demon, which has shown its true form. Taira no Koremochi is an elegant figure in his hunting wear with embroidered "hana-no-maru” (flowers in circles) and a hakama with butterflies’ pattern.

  • 【Program】Momijigari
  • 【Character name】Sarashina Hime

In the first half of the dance, the demon Momijigari masquerades as a princess. Its long-sleeved Furisode Kimono and overcoat are standard for princesses in Kabuki. As a demon in disguise, Momijigari’s wardrobe isn’t adorned with the typical elegant floral motif other princesses wear. Instead, the wardrobe is embroidered with a phoenix over a maple leaf pattern. The wig for Momijigari is called a Fukiwa, which is also used on princess characters.