Kabuki Experience Gallery & Shop

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Kabuki Gate is a Kabuki experience gallery and shop designed to introduce the traditional performing art of Kabuki!
Enjoy an exhibit of specially produced life-sized mannequins adorned in Kabuki costumes and wigs, and Kumadori (Kabuki makeup) face app, and a shop selling original goods and select products associated with Kabuki.
An authentic display committed to realism supervised by Shochiku Co., Ltd.

Exhibition of the costume

Photo of costumes

【Program】Narukami 【Character name】Kumo no Taema Hime(Lady Kumo no Taema)

This play is one of 18 Kabuki plays selected as specialities of the Ichikawa family. Holding a grudge against the Imperial Court, Narukami Shonin imprisons dragons from all over the world. When he imprisoned the dragons control ling the rain, Japan experienced a drought. The Imperial Court sends Kumo no Taema to break Narukami’s magic with her powers of seduction. When he discovers the trickery, he angrily pursues her through torrential rains. The Lady’s Kimono is a colorful combination of pale blue-green and scarlet with a black Obi.

Photo of costumes

【Program】Renjishi 【Character Name】Kojishi no Sei

Lions often play a part in Kabuki. For the Renjishi dance, a lion (white hair) and its cub (red hair) deliver dynamic performances when their hair sways about as they pose. These lions are considered sacred to Buddhism and live on hallowed ground where the Japanese peony blossom. The lion and peony blossom combination dates back to ancient times, and these two lion characters wear Okuchi-bakama and Kitsuke with peony blossom motifs.

Photo of costumes

【Program】Sukeroku Yukari no Edozakura 【Character name】Asagao Senpei

Sukeroku is set in Edo’s red-light district, Yoshiwara. The alluring Hanakawado Sukeroku appears with the courtesan Agemaki and several other characters. These glamorous Edo-ites gather in the scene to represent Edo Kabuki. Asagao Senpei also appears within the scene as a foolish antagonist. His role is recognizable by his stylishly embroidered morning glory patterns.