For guests wishing to tour Narita Airport

Tours of Narita Airport are “free tours.”
*Please be aware that the staff do not guide tours.
Please be aware that it is not possible to tour areas inside Immigration, control towers, maintenance areas, etc.
When touring the facilities, we ask that you please refrain from any behavior that would disturb others.

Tour Areas

Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (excluding areas inside Immigration)
Observation / Viewing Decks
Terminal 1     Terminal 2

Deck Open Hours

6:30-21:00 (4/1-9/30)
7:00-21:00 (10/1-3/31)
* May be closed due to weather conditions, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

Tour Cost


Visitors are responsible for transportation costs to the airport, as well as for any parking charges for those visiting by car, tour bus, etc.

Parking Information / Reservations / Availability

Visitors who will be touring Narita Airport should check the links below as well.

To visitors to Narita Airport

Contact Information

Application in advance is not required for groups visiting Narita Airport.
Please feel free to tour the facilities.
We are not able to grant requests for guided tours by staff members. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any other questions about Narita Airport,please feel free to contact Narita International Airport Information.