Airport Notifications

Temporary Closure or Changes to Operating Hours of Terminal Facilities, Airport Shops and Service Facilities (Subject to continuing changes)

Due to the increasing number of coronavirus infections, some shops and service facilities will close temporarily or change their operating hours.

Please note that actual shop hours may vary to those hours shown on the airport website and in our floor guide.

We apologize for this inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

Please refer the following for more details.

Temporary Closure or Changes to Operating Hours of Airport Shops

We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers caused by the changes in shop operating hours and the temporary closure of some shops.
Duty-free products(cosmetics, liquor and tobacco products, etc.)can be ordered by the pre-ordering services provided by the duty-free shop operators.
In addition to that, some brand boutiques are offering shopping by appointment and will open their doors for those shoppers. We invite you to take advantage of this service.
※ Please refer to the duty-free operator websites for more information.

・Orders for duty-free products (cosmetics, liquor and tobacco products, etc.)

・Brand boutique shopping by appointment



Terminal 1

(international arrivals, domestic departures)
ANA ARRIVAL LOUNGESouth Wing, 1st FloorFor details, please refer toAll NipponAirways (ANA)All NipponAirways (ANA)
ANA LOUNGENo.2 Satellite, 2th Floor
ANA SUITE LOUNGENo.5 Satellite, 4th Floor
ANA LOUNGENo.5 Satellite, 4th Floor
KoreanAirLoungeCentral Bldg., 3rd FloorFor details, please refer toKoreanAirKoreanAir
United ClubCentral Bldg.,3rd / 4th Floor(entrance on3rd floor)ClosureUnitedAirlines
NARITA PREMIER LOUNGENo.1 Satellite, 4th FloorSun-Wed,Fri 7:30~18:00
Thu,Sat 7:30~21:00
Terminal 2
EmiratesLoungeMain Bldg., 4th Floor (entrance on 3rd floor)ClosureEmirates
First andBusiness ClassLoungeMain Bldg., 4th Floor (entrance on 3rd floor)ClosureCathayPacificAirways
DynastyLoungeMain Bldg., 2nd FloorClosureChinaAirlines
SakuraLoungeDomestic, 3rd FloorFor details, please refer toJapan Airlines (JAL)Japan Airlines (JAL)
JAL ticketreservations,seating,fare information-
SakuraLoungeMain Bldg., 3rd and 2nd Floor (entrance on 3rd floor)
First ClassLoungeMain Bldg.,4th Floor
SakuraLoungeSatellite Bldg., 2nd Floor (entrance on 3rd floor)
First ClassLoungeSatellite Bldg., 3rd Floor
ASPIRE LOUNGESatellite Bldg., 2nd Floor7:30~12:00
*Operating hours may change.

*For details, please inquire at the information desk in the airport or with information staff.

Other facilities and servicesSituation
Tourist Information Center(Terminal 1)Changes to Operating Hours
Information CounterTemporary Closure
Electric cartsNot available in some areas
Luggage cartsNot available in some areas
Terminal shuttle busesChanges to Routes and Service Frequency
  About Terminal Shuttle Bus
 Routes and Service Frequency for Terminal Shuttle Bus carrying passengers between terminals for connecting flights(PDF:735KB)
Check-in countersAt present, the check-in counters used by the airlines vary from day to day. Please check the location of your check-in counter on one of the flight information display monitors in the terminal or at one of the information counters in the passenger terminal.