Airport Notifications

Temporary Closure of the Access Corridor to Terminal 3

As of Tuesday, April 5, 2022, along with the expansion of Terminal 3, a new access corridor between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 will be opened.

  • The new corridor will shorten the walking distance to Terminal 3, and widen the passageway, making it easier to walk.
  • As pedestrian and vehicle routes are completely separated through grade separation, the new corridor is a safe passageway with no pedestrian crossing.

Terminal 3 is expanded and becomes more convenient!!(PDF: 585KB)

Luggage carts, which have been temporarily unavailable during the construction period, can be used in the new access corridor.
Terminal shuttle buses will continue to operate. Please use them as necessary.

[From April 5, 2022]

Please exit Terminal 2 and proceed via the new corridor.

Access corridor map from April 5, 2022

[Until April 4, 2022]

Access corridor map until April 4, 2022