Airport Notifications

Narita Airport Initiatives to prevent infection and your cooperation is appreciated.

Initiatives at the airport to prevent COVID-19 infection and requested cooperation from customers. We ask that customers check the details before using the airport and lend their support and cooperation in preventing infection.
The efforts to combat infectious diseases at Narita Airport were evaluated and it was the first airport in the Asia-Pacific region to acquire international accreditation under the Public Health & Safety Readiness Accreditation (PHSR) Program conducted by the Airports Council International(ACI). We will continue to work with international organizations such as ACI, government agencies, and other stakeholders such as airlines in the airport.

ACI「Public Health & Safety Readiness Accreditation (PHSR) Program」


9 Key Points for Preventing Infection.

Overview of Initiatives

Please check your temperature before leaving home and refrain from coming to the airport if you have a high temperature, sore throat or a cough.
Please wear a mask in the airport.Customers not wearing masks and/or those feeling ill may be refused entry to the airport.
* This does not apply to infants or to those who experience difficulty with wearing a mask. Please check with your airline regarding their rules for wearing masks on board the aircraft.
Alcohol sanitizer is provided throughout the passenger terminals and medicated soap has been placed in the toilets. Please wash hands frequently and/or use hand sanitizers.
Cleaning and sanitizing has been stepped up in locations frequently touched by customers (toilets and handrails, etc.)
Further, robots are used for sanitizing and cleaning.
Transparent barriers have been placed at information desks, counters and cashiers, etc. to prevent infection.
Seating will be limited to ensure physical distance between customers.
Please note the floor markings to maintain physical distancing from other customers.
Temperature scanning on domestic flights is being conducted prior to entering the security screening checkpoint. Please consult your airline representative if a high temperature is detected.
Air conditioning has been adjusted to provide more fresh air.We ask for your understanding and cooperation to enable a safe and reliable use of the airport.