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Passengers Using International Services from 16 November 2009: Notice Regarding New Charges

Passenger Security Service Charge will be introduced on 16 November 2009
Also starting on the same day, international transit passengers will be charged PSFC.
Since the US terrorist attacks, aviation security measures of the highest level against international terrorism are in place at Narita Airport as one of the world's leading airports. Consequently, there has been a sharp rise in security expenses in recent years. In order to maintain security levels at the airport, passengers will be charged for the new charge "Passenger Security Service Charge" to be introduced on November 16, 2009.
Furthermore, starting on the same day, passengers connecting between international flights at Narita will also be charged for Passenger Service Facility Charge.
The charges will be collected when the airline ticket is purchased.

Various initiatives are underway at Narita Airport to offer greater convenience and comfort to our customers.
With respect to departure services, an in-line screening system incorporating explosives detection equipment has been installed in our system for carrying check-in baggage from the check-in counters. The system ensures that our customers are sufficiently protected and has facilitated speedier check-in procedures by eliminating the need for pre-check-in baggage inspections.
We will continue with our efforts to become an airport that can really satisfy our customers. The charges collected will be used to give precedence to public safety as well as to provide improved services and facilities so that our customers can use the airport in comfort and safety.
Please refer to “Conditions of Contract - Passenger Service Facility Charges and Other Charges” for further information.
What is Passenger Security Service Charge (PSSC)?
PSSC is used to cover the expense of providing services such as baggage inspections and security checks using high-performance inspection devices as well as passenger terminal security maintenance to ensure passenger safety.
What is Passenger Service Facility Charge (PSFC)?
PSFC is used to cover the cost of maintaining and managing the lobbies, elevators and other terminal transportation facilities as well as the flight information system and various other facilities. It is also used to provide baggage carts and passenger information services.