Airport Notifications

Design toilets opened in Terminal 1 on 25 March.

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as to accommodate more visitors in the future, Narita Airport is refurbishing all toilets within the terminal and incorporating universal design concepts, including audio guidance, emergency assistance lights and L-shaped handrails.

The recently re-opened toilets on the 1st floor in the North Wing of Terminal 1 have been remodeled with a new floral theme. In addition to walls featuring a blizzard of falling cherry blossom petals depicted using mosaic tiles, the use of fragrances and green ornaments such as bonsai and single-flower vases make the interior a pleasant space for visitors.

Since 2016, we have been working to refurbish all of Narita Airport’s 146 public toilets in turn, a process that is now complete following the renewal of these toilets.

Design Toilets and Their Locations

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Men's toilet image photo

Men's toilets

Women's toilet image photo

Women's toilets



Features of the North Wing 1st floor arrival lobby toilets

  • In an effort to eliminate congestion in multipurpose toilets by distributing their functions more broadly, regular toilets have also been equipped with ostomate facilities, diaper changing tables and fitting boards.
  • All booths can accommodate suitcases or other large luggage.
  • Certain booths also allow large luggage carts.
  • Female toilets include a makeup area with seating.
  • Nursing rooms are located next to the toilet.