From Domestic to International Flights

When arriving at Narita on a flight within Japan and Departing for an airport outside of Japan

※Security screening is required at Narita Airport.

Due to variations in security screening criteria for domestic and international flights, you must undergo an additional screening at Narita Airport before transferring to your international flight, even if you have already cleared security at another airport in Japan.

Please be aware that there are restructions on carry-on liquids. 検査の流れ

Restrictions on Carry-on Liquidswill be applied at the screening areas for international flights.
See the figure at right for quantities of liquids permitted on board the aircraft.
For more details, please see theRestrictions on Carry-on Liquids page.

Note: If you are carrying liquids in excess of the permitted quantities, you will have to voluntarily dispose of them at the screening area, even if you were allowed to bring them on board a domestic flight.

You will have to voluntarily dispose of liquids exceeding the permitted quantities at the screening area.

Carry-on items other than liquids will also be screened.

Checks are also conducted for prohibited items other than liquids in carry-on baggage at the screening areas.
For examples of prohibited items, see the Prohibited Carry-on Items List page.

Carry-on items other than liquids will also be screened

Fast Connection Lane (Domestic to International)

※Currently, this facility is closed.

Narita Airport has special Fast Connection Lane domestic-to-international connecting flight screening areas that let you transfer from domestic to international flights in less time and with less walking.
For the conditions of use, please contact your airline.