Service Facilities

Pay Lounge

This is a casual lounge space open to individuals. You will find beverages and other items here.

Areas Inside Passport Control (Outgoing)

Narita TraveLounge


See aircraft take off and arrive before your eyes while you sip a cup of coffee and relax.


6:30 AM-9:30 PM (year-round)


Adult (12 years or older)1,200JPY / Children(6-11 years old):600JPY

Service Details

Coffee · Various drinks, Newspapers / Magazines, Chargeable for each seat, Flight information, Telephone booth
Additional fee: Meals (sandwich, curry, noodles, dessert etc), alcohol (beer, wine etc.)



Narita TraveLounge Pamphlet

Areas Outside Passport Control (Outgoing)

Travelers’ Lounge "Rassurants"


Enter and exit freely at this lounge, which you can use while browsing the shopping areas or in between connecting flights. You will also find reclining seats here that you can stretch out on.


8:00 AM-8:00 PM (year-round)


Adult (13 years or older)1,030 JPY / Children (6-12 years old):520JPY / infant:free

Service Details

Water server,Coffee server,Newspapers / magazines,Reclining seat(2seats/room),Flight information,Wi-Fi

Booking line

0476-34-5274 hours/9:00 AM-6:00 PM (year-round)

Travelers' Lounge "Rassurants" pamphlet

TEI Lounge


Terminal 1 : Central Building, 5th Floor   Terminal 2 : Main Building, 4th Floor


7:00 AM-9:00 PM 


Adults: 1,300 yen / Children (under 12): 520 yen / Infants: free  * Standard fees (2 hours) * This is a credit card holder lounge. Card holders will have priority access if the lounge is congested.

Service Details

Newspapers & magazines (no charge), Internet access (no charge), fax (charge), copy (charge), Print out service(charge), soft drinks (no charge), alcoholic beverages (charge), Business card printing service (charge), Cell phone battery recharge service(no charge), Winter clothing holding service (charge/Dec - Mar *Please contact service operators directly since service commencement and end dates change each year.)


Terminal 1 :+81(0)476-30-0035  Terminal 2 : +81(0)476-34-8781