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Ramen and Other Noodles


An extremely popular ramen noodle shop in Nakasu-Kawabata, Hakata with an endless line of eager diners. The rich, firm noodles are delivered daily by Hakata's Harada Seimen, a famous noodle producer founded in 1962.
The contemporary flavor of Wafu Tonkotsu Ramen (Japanese-style Noodles in Pork Soup) is a blend of seafood stock featuring Rishikiri kelp from Hokkaido and delicious pork marrow soup.
This is topped with a homemade spicy (blue and red) sauce made from fermenting ten different ingredients to provide a rich final finish to the taste.
To go with the noodles, we recommend a plate of gyoza from the long-established, famous Marushin from Kyoto.

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