Airport Notifications

Carrying On Board and Checking In Batteries for Mobile Phones, Digital

Lithium ion batteries must not be placed in check-in luggage and should be carried in cabin baggage.
However, batteries with a capacity of more than 160Wh are not permitted in cabin baggage.

・Batteries (lithium ion and other) used in smartphones, mobile phones and other electronic devices can not be accepted for check-in under the regulations of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

・Lithium ion batteries with a capacity of more than 160Wh or an unknown capacity must not be taken on board an aircraft.

For further information, please check the table below before checking in.

Cabin Baggage
Check-in Baggage
Electronic Device
160Wh or less

More than 160Wh×
Spare Battery
100Wh or less
More than 100Wh up to 160Wh
* Max 2 per passenger
More than 160Wh