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UNIQLO Fashion

The store has a wide selection of products catering to your every need ranging from convenient travel accessories to those items you forget to bring and remember just before the flight, as well as souvenirs that are popular abroad.

Product lines:
Apparel, bags, socks and other fancy goods.

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SAN-AI MIZUGI RAKUEN Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

This branch, opened by the SAN-AI MIZUGI RAKUEN shop, sells stylish beach fashion, mainly swimwear. We offer a wide range of beach styles that will suit each and every customer, including trendy Bandeau bikinis.

Product lines:
Women's swimwear, rash guards, towels, sandals, sunglasses


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A&F COUNTRY Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

This store selects and displays travel goods sourced from outdoor products from around the world. We have a wide range of useful travel goods, many of which you don't often see in daily life. Please stop by to buy something to accompany you on your journey.

We have a wide range of travel products, including the Eagle Creek and PacSafe brands, to help you out during your travels. Moreover, we have a wide selection of items that will make excellent souvenirs. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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HAKUHINKAN TOY PARK Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Lively and modern, this store is fun for kids of all ages. A great selection of items featuring Japanese cartoon characters etc. and portable games, as well as many gift items.

Product lines:
Toys, stuffed toys, miniature cars, Game Boy

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  • Japanese souvenir shop Sakura
Japanese souvenir shop Sakura Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Now located in the Central Building in Terminal 1, Sakura Japanese Souvenir Shop offers a wide range of Japanese confectionary, tea and folk craft, including award winners in the "Best Japanese Souvenir" held in fiscal 2005 by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Visit Japan Campaign headquarters.

Product lines:
Kikyou Shingen Mochi (rice cake),yukatas, tradition flying toys from Kyoto and many more food items and folk draft.


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CHIBA TRADE CENTER Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

A huge variety of products with the focus on products from the Chiba Prefecture including accessories, folk craft items using Japanese fabrics, and confectionery.

Product lines:
Accessory items, folk craft using Japanese fabrics, Chiba products

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  • Wamonoya Kaya
Wamonoya Kaya Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

A Japanese arts and crafts shop from Yokohama using "cultural enlightenment" as the theme for redesigning traditional Japanese folk craft with a modern twist to enable the public to rediscover tradition in contemporary times. A nostalgic yet refined and colorful selection of hand towels and wrapping cloth, toe socks, plates and utensils, cosmetics and many other items on display in an atmosphere influenced by the gentle strains of jazz.

Product lines:
Hand towels, toe socks, Japanese arts and crafts, plates and utensils, chopsticks

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  • Hello Kitty Japan
Hello Kitty Japan Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

= Fri., May 23, 2014 OPEN! =

A souvenir shop selling globally popular Hello Kitty and other Sanrio character goods.

  • cosmétics makanai
cosmétics makanai Jewelry & Cosmetics

Established in 1899, Makanai Cosmetics is a line of Japanese cosmetics made from natural ingredients that was developed in a working environment that was particularly harsh on the skin by the women employed in the "makanai" (challenging workshops and kitchens) of the Yoshitaka Gold Foundry in the city of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. The Makanai Recipe for beautiful skin has been developed over a hundred years into the proven cosmetic it is today.

Product lines:
Hand cream, facial oil absorbing tissues, hair care products, soap, etc.


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6.6 OPEN!!

COSPA Akihabara, an official branch store of the character apparel and goods manufacturer, COSPA, is now open. Drop in for a selection of world renown anime, game and manga goods, which make great souvenirs from Japan.

HIPSHOP Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

6.5 OPEN!!

HIPSHOP is the only underwear store when men and women can shop together without feeling awkward.
Whether alone, with that someone special or just with a friend, you will find the atmosphere enjoyable, bright and pleasant.
You will want to visit us again and again.

Product lines:
Men's and ladies' undergarments and socks, t-shirts, bags and more.

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  • miroir
miroir Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

"Miroir" means "mirror" in French. Jewelry acts as a mirror reflecting the personal values and styles of the wearer. From concept to design, miroir jewelry is produced by women, to offer products that women truly appreciate. That is the spirit of jewelry from miroir.

Product lines:

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SATSUMAYA OKUTANI Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Art and craft type souvenirs of every variety. See Satsumaya Okutani for the perfect memento of Japan. Great for overseas gifts as well.

Product lines:
Ceramics, Kyoto cloisonne ware, Kyoto fans, Kyoto Yuzen printed accessories, Kokeshi dolls

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A store selling a mix of popular confectionery products ranging from reputable Japanese confectionery produced by long-established stores to products by the hottest-selling stores in Japan at this moment. Be sure to visit this store if you are looking for a gift for someone special.

We also have products that are available for the first time at Narita Airport and in Chiba.


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  • FITDRUG -Travel Style Shop-
FITDRUG -Travel Style Shop- Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

FITDRUG is devoted to providing rapid solutions to customer needs. Offering the right products for customer needs.

Product lines:
Pharmaceuticals, health food, daily commodities, travel goods, cosmetics, drinks, sweets and cigarettes

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TRAVEL SHOP MILESTO Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

This is our first airport shop, full of specially selected travel goods. We have a range of items in the "travel" theme that are both functional and attractively designed.

milesto, BRUNO, Braniff, ACE, CRASH BAGGAGE


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GOTOUCHISHOUTEN YONSHICHIDO Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Yonshichidou is a general souvenir shop with a wide range of unusual products all under one roof. Customers are warmly welcomed with an extensive range of products from various locations.

Product lines:
Souvenirs, food and drinks


GRAN SAC'S Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

GRAN SAC'S is a new style of metropolitan bag store which focuses on urban minded couples in their twenties with a selection of trendy brands for the particular shopper.

Product lines:
Travel bags, suitcases, handbags, wallets


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KONNICHIWA Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

A miscellaneous Japanese goods shop handling special products and folk craft from Japan.
An extensive range of unique items. Shoppers will definitely find suitable souvenirs here.

Product lines:
Special Japanese products, folk craft, original t-shirts, kimono, etc.


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  • Kyoto Craft Mart
Kyoto Craft Mart Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

A shop featuring traditional culture of Kyoto with a modern twist under the concept of experiencing the delights of this ancient capital.

A variety of products from Japanese miscellaneous goods to skillfully made folk craft give customers a chance to get better acquainted with Kyoto.

If you have 15 minutes to spare, why not drop by and have a go at decorating Japanese paper boxes and blending your own scent bags?

Product lines:
Japanese miscellaneous items, folk craft, fabric items, accessories, yukata bathrobes, kimonos, etc.

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ABC-MART Fashion

Shoe store chain with over 700 stores across Japan opens at an airport for the first time! We look forward to serving you with an extensive range of products including sneakers, women's shoes and business shoes.

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  • MUJI to GO
MUJI to GO Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

A shop for people on the move, in a borderless world where travel and mobility are the keywords. Grasp the essence of Muji. Useful travel goods and items.

Product lines:
Clothing accessories, bags, travel accessories, stationery, food products.


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  • Aoyama Book Center
Aoyama Book Center Books

A book shop complete with bestsellers and popular books to take with you on your trip. The store caters to various customer needs with a collection of guidebooks and foreign magazines that you will find useful on your travel abroad.
Drop in and choose a book from our wide selection.

Product lines: Paperbacks, magazines, guidebooks, literature, foreign-language books, cards

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  • Cath Kidston
Cath Kidston Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

UK brand focuses on lifestyle products such as fashion accessories and interior.
Cath Kidston, Creative Director delivers a creative world of traditional UK style combining it with a pop sensation.

  • meri matka
meri matka Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

"Meri" room shoes, warmly and fluffily hand-knitted by craftspeople. "Tutumu" toe socks are really comfortable, because they have no seams in the toe-end and they have a formed heel. We have "travel footwear" so loved on aircraft and at hotels, and are offering it to the air-traveling world.

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  • WEGO
WEGO Fashion

WEGO is a half a step ahead of contemporary trends with a mix of the original, encompassing a wide variety of tastes, and the used with deep individuality with a principal style that originates from the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo.


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  • Nail Quick
Nail Quick Beauty and Nail

We are proud to offer a range of services tailored to your waiting time for your flight.
These include gel nails that need no time to dry, a nail care menu to put a beautiful finish on your fingertips and a simple manicure.
Split nail repairs, kids and men's care menus - we have a wide range of services to meet your needs.

Let us help you to set off on your journey with beautiful nails.

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URBAN RESEARCH TRAVEL&GIFT Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

A new concept shop produced by URBAN RESEARCH based on the keywords, "travel" and "gifts". The store offers a selection of creative items to make traveling more enjoyable for customers around the world.

Product lines:
Original accessories, apparel from various URBAN RESEARCH brands, New Balance, Herschel, etc.


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Smith NARITA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

Directly operated by the stationery manufacturer, DELFONICS. Mainly selling original products that include practical and well-designed stationery items, leather accessories and fashion accessories from home and abroad. We also have travel goods and exclusive products unique to international airports.

Product lines:
DELFONICS original products (stationery, pouches, notebooks), writing instruments, leather accessories, watches, bags, accessories, other miscellaneous goods

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  • One-Village One-Product Market
One-Village One-Product Market Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Interesting products from advancing nations in Asia, Africa and elsewhere. The One-Village, One-Product campaign has been organized by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan External Trade Organization JETRO.

Product lines:
Coffee, tea, rock salt, accessories and handicrafts.

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  • override
override Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

This store offers a sense of Japan with hats that are universal but innovative with emphasis on Japan's unique sensitivity, sensibility and sensations. The store provides a peaceful setting for all customers to select that hat of their preference.

Product lines:
override, KANGOL, NEWERA and KIDS hats

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IWAKURA Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

In ancient Shinto, rocks known as Iwakura were worshiped as abodes of the gods. This store is named after these sacred rocks and focuses on stones as objects of worship. We sell gemstones and amulets for prayers.

Product lines:
Gemstones, miscellaneous Japanese goods

TOKYO SHOKUHIN KAN Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

WAGASHI NO YAKATA has re-opened under a new name.
As TOKYO SHOKUHIN KAN we offer a rich variety of Japanese and Western confectionary.
Let us help you select a gift to take abroad.

Gift sets of Japanese and Western confectionary, sweets and seasonal delicacies


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LAMMFROMM Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

LAMMFROMM is a specialty store based on the theme of contemporary art and design. We handle a wide selection of artistic products including items featuring motifs of works by the world-renowned artist, Yayoi Kusama.

LAMMFROMM's original art accessories featuring motifs of works by world-renowned artists such as Yayoi Kusama and Yoshitomo Nara. We have an extensive selection of accessory goods on the themes of art, literature and music.

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  • IORI
IORI Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

A selective shop that offers a range of more than 300 kinds of carefully chosen high-quality imabari towels that will make the perfect gift.

Based on the notion that people's lifestyles can be made more affluent through imabari towels, we have a wide range of products, from gift towels through to ones for everyday use. We are sending out imabari towels, and the high level of Japanese skills in the making of things, to places all over the world.

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  • TiCTAC
TiCTAC Jewelry & Cosmetics

A wide range popular and innovative brands from Japan and around the world featuring multi-functional world time watches and travel clocks.

Product lines:
Watches, watch bands, gift coupons.

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  • graniph
graniph Fashion

A pioneer in T-shirt shops with 100 different types of T-shirt graphics on display at all times. Don't miss the collaborative works by artists from around the world. Great gifts for friends abroad.

Product lines:
T-shirts, miscellaneous, ladies and mens.

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KATAKANA PANDA Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

A shop fully stocked, with that fun Japanese feel to it. We focus on accessories. We are waiting for you with our display in volume of a range of items that are cute, pop-art inspired and playful.

Product lines:
Accessories, bags, watches, variety goods

MAMEGUI NARITA AIRPORT TERMINAL 1 Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Active and hard-working items, for the active and hard-working lifestyle. Smart, hardworking gifts.
We offer just the right kind of gifts to set your mind at peace and bring a slight smile without you realizing it. Perfect for hospitality gifts, gifts for everyday living, or as mementos to remind you of your travels.

Product lines:
Japanese souvenirs (towels, food items, Japanese miscellaneous goods, other items)

  • Tabio on the Ground
Tabio on the Ground Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

The products at Tabio are all "made in Japan." We offer socks knitted by craftspeople with many years of experience and finely developed skills. To attain the greatest level of comfort, the yarn used to make our socks is very carefully selected. Please try on our blended-textile socks and see for yourself.

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BLUE BLUE JAPAN Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Our shop handles BLUE BLUE JAPAN, which is the main brand of the shop Okura in Daikanyama, Tokyo. We present to you high-quality original products that give you great comfort. Made from materials from Japan and with their everyday-wear motif, these items will let you feel the richness of the four seasons.

Product lines:
General original clothing, indigo dye-printed T-shirts, towels, bags, incense, leather-soled sandals, indigo-dyed accessories and other items


GINZA AKEBONO Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

A long-established rice cracker and Japanese confectionery store from Ginza has opened near the South Wing, offering authentic Japanese confectionery made with great care using the finest ingredients.

Product lines:
Rice crackers, gifts, bean-jam filled wafers with sweet chestnuts, jellied bean paste bars

  • Samantha & chouette gallery
Samantha & chouette gallery Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

Happy Chinese New Year Campaign!
We are very happy to announce that we will have very special gifts for you to celebrate Chinese New Year, starting from February 7th to February 13th.
If you spend over JPY20,000* and show us your passport, you will get our Mini mini bag charm.
*Tax not included

The first fast fashion brand produced by Samantha Thavasa: Samantha & chouette. This boutique allows easy access to fashion at affordable prices incorporating Samantha Thavasa's trendy designs.

official HP

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MOUSSY Fashion

A shop for powerful women who make their own style and fashion statements. Urban items with character and MOUSSY JEANS brimming with a sense of vintage appeal form the foundations for simple, yet shapely VIP denim styles.
The MIX fashion style with no set rules produced by MOUSSY incorporates the concept that all women should dress to their own unique style.

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B JIRUSHI YOSHIDA Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

The popular multi-brand store BEAMS and Yoshida & Co., Ltd. have teamed up to open a new store, B JIRUSHI YOSHIDA, offering standard fashion for the modern age.
The store features a new of line products that is only available at the Narita Airport store called the "GLOBAL STANDARD (GS)" line comprising travel and gift items with minimal design and high functionality.

Product lines:
Bags, travel goods, gifts, etc.

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TRAVELER'S FACTORY AIRPORT Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

TRAVELER'S FACTORY has opened its first branch in Narita Airport, based on the TRAVELER'S notebook shop in the back streets of Meguro, Tokyo. Based on the theme of tools you can use to customize your travels, we offer a range of stationery and miscellaneous items that are bound to make your trip more enjoyable. We also offer goods that can only be purchased at our airport store!

Product lines:
Traveler's notebooks and other original stationery, travel goods, souvenirs

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We can make your glasses up in only 20 minutes. Two affordable price ranges.
Clear lenses or brown and grey for prescription sunglasses.

Product lines:
Spectacles, sportswear sunglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses.

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