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  • Soke Minamoto Kitchoan
Soke Minamoto Kitchoan Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

The celebrated Japanese confectionery salon with its main premises located in Ginza. Soke Minamoto Kitchoan is devoted to crafting fresh, seasonal Japanese confectionery with the shape, contours and delicious aroma of the fruit from which it is made. Delicately crafted, traditional Japanese confectionery makes the perfect gift for friends overseas.

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  • BLUE SKY Domestic Terminal
BLUE SKY Domestic Terminal Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

The only coffee, food and miscellaneous goods stand in the domestic gate area.
Popular Japanese confectionary, food, JAL goods, magazines, etc. and other items as well as draught beer and light snacks.

Udon noodles, JAL goods.

*CLOSE: 10:00-14:00

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DRUG BOX Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

This bright, clean drugstore carries a wide selection of medicine and cosmetics for overseas travel as well as health drinks to restore vitality. Advice and service is provided by qualified exports and visitors to the airport are always welcome at Drug Box.

Medicine, cosmetics, health drinks and miscellaneous items.

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HOT HEART Convenience stores, etc.

Hot Heart is a small, but well-stocked shop located on the 2 nd floor between the Arrival Lobby and the Departure Lobby. With an open, casual atmosphere, customers are welcome to browse through the great selection of travel goods, souvenirs, boxed lunches, confectionary, beverages, cigarettes, liquor, and magazines. Hot Heart also has a delivery service for souvenir purchases.

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EARNEST Beauty and Nail

No delays, superb hairdressing at reasonable prices.
Children, families, overseas travelers all welcome.

Last appointment
Cut: 18:30
Perm and color: 17:00

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