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  • 7-Eleven
7-Eleven Convenience stores, etc.

The only 24-hour store in Terminal 2!
Enjoy food items made from select ingredients and recipes such as freshly made rice balls and bread, as well as original items such as the private-label Seven Premium products. A multipurpose copy machine is available to pay for tickets to various events and for JAL air tickets. ATM machines are also available, making Narita even more convenient.
We look forward to serving you.

  • Electronic Cash (JALCA)
  • San-ai Swimwear Paradise
San-ai Swimwear Paradise Fashion

Wide range of items to make your trip to the beach or the pool that much more enjoyable including swimwear for women and men, beach sandals, towels, sunglasses and floats.
You are sure to find the item you are looking for!
Please come and have a look around!

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OKASHI GREENPORT Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Find delicious traditional candies made by skilled candy makers, green tea and plum flavored confectionary that can only be enjoyed in Japan and other sweets that are also appealing to the eye to take on your trip. Packed with a variety of simple and delightful confectionary.

Popular items:
Be sure to visit the "powdered green tea and plum" corner. Wide range of chocolate, snack food, Hello Kitty goods and drinks also available.

  • YOKOYAMA Modern & Antique
YOKOYAMA Modern & Antique Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Yokoyama specializes in modern and antique art and was originally established in ancient Kyoto. The company's many years of experience assure customers of authentic, quality artwork. The shop as an extensive collection of gifts and mementos Comprising items such as cloisonne products, copperware lacquer ware, prints, ceramics, and antiques. The company orders items upon request, and delivers in Japan and abroad.


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SEA GOURMET Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Fish, which has always been an essential part of the Japanese diet, is eaten around the world. Wouldn't it be convenient if you could buy fish at Narita Airport? Storage bags, refrigerants and dry ice come with the service so you can take fish abroad worry-free. We have a wide selection of delicacies to take as gifts or to enjoy on the plane. The shop sells products that are tasty and delightful, and fun even just to look at.
Popular items:
Seasoned cod roe, eel, salmon roe, sea urchin roe, dried young sardines, round herrings, sliced red salmon, filleted salmon, horse mackerels, sauries, Atka mackerels that have been cut opened and dried and other types of fish than can be heated in the microwave and eaten right away, as well as Chinese noodles in boxes

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TSUBASA Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

A wide range of products from Chiba as well as souvenirs and gifts for friends from throughout Japan.
Producers ensure that fresh products can be delivered at any time.
Popular items include seasoned cod row, confectionary from various locations, marine products and food items prepared in soy sauce. Delivery within Japan available.
Product lines:
Seasoned cod row, confectionary, marine products, food items prepared in soy sauce, umeboshi (pickled plums), pickled vegetables, Chinese noodles, gourmet delicacies

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  • Chiba Boukyo
Chiba Boukyo Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Chiba Boukyo sells goods produced by over 35 companies based in Chiba Prefecture. We look forward to serving you with a wide variety of food items, gifts, accessories and health products.
We have peanuts and lobster crackers from Chiba, travel goods and accessories, as well as carved metal products, wine bottle covers designed in the shape of a kimono (winner of the Tourist Bureau Award) and many more Japanese gift items that make ideal souvenirs to take abroad. Please come and have a look around.

Recommended: Japanese Sushi magnets to use at home or to give as gifts, pen sets featuring Sharaku and Maruyama Okyo designs, easy-to-use bottle openers, back support belts, etc.

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OMIYAGE KEISEI Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

The interior of this store is reminiscent of the famous Nakamise Dori in the Asakusa area of Tokyo with its fun-filled atmosphere. It stocks numerous items that people from abroad find attractive as souvenirs including Japanese kimonos, summer cotton kimonos, T-shirts, key holders, Japanese dolls, kimono accessories, kimono sandals, and wooden clogs which contribute to the traditional Japanese feeling of the store. There are also a variety of Japanese folk arts, crafts, and toys.

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Finding and selecting books is easy in this well lit, neatly laid out store. Sanseido's extensive work ensures that popular best sellers are always in stock. Weekly best sellers are listed on the store's bulletin board and there is a wide range of overseas travel guidebooks, country guides and travel hints, business books, and paperbacks.

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LAPAX Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

Bags incorporating the very latest trends for customers who are sensitive to fashion for the young as well as for business. In addition to popular brands, we also offer collaboration products and exclusive items to satisfy the expectations of our core customers.

Popular items: Travel bags, suitcases, handbags, etc.


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  • ANA FESTA  Lobby gift shop
ANA FESTA Lobby gift shop Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

This store carries famous and specialty products from all over Japan, including local sweet cakes, seafood, Sapporo,Kyushu ramen (egg noodles), Sanuki udon (whole wheat noodles), dried seafood, broiled eel, and Japanese green tea. Perfect gifts for people abroad.

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  • spectre JINS
spectre JINS Fashion

Sunglass shop by the eyewear makers, JINS. The lenses used are all high-performance NXT lenses that filter out over 99% of the ultraviolet rays. We sell fashionable and highly functional sunglasses at low prices.
Sunglasses from 3,900 yen (tax excluded)

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  • Kutsushitaya
Kutsushitaya Fashion

Kutsushitaya, a socks shop created under the concept of "life wrapped in comfort".
The store sells high-quality, "made in Japan" legwear for all situations including compression socks and leg warmers to make your flights more comfortable and men's business socks woven using the world's most advanced knitting techniques.

Product lines:
Socks, tights, leggings, stockings, sport socks

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FUKUJUEN Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Japan's oldest tea shop with a history of more than 220 years—Kyoto FUKUJUEN.
FUKUJUEN offers green tea enjoyed by people around the world and tea ceremony utensils crafted by the finest artisans.
The global home of Japan's tea culture with the heart of Japan in each sip.

Famous Kyoto teas in package with a design taken from the "Rakuchu Rakugai-zu Byobu" painting by Eitoku depicting locations in Kyoto.

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TOKYO SHOKUHIN KAN Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

TOKYO SHOKUHIN KAN offers a rich variety of Japanese and Western confectionery from traditional to contemporary sweets. Find a gift to take abroad, send on special occasions or give to someone special.
Popular items:
Gift sets of Japanese and Western confectionery, sweets and seasonal delicacies


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MINIPLA Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

An import goods shop that brings you the best and latest items from around the world, first.
With so many material items available today, our aim is to deliver joy and happiness through the stories and styles that come with each product.
Discover a unique, individual lifestyle with items that define you.

Product lines: imported goods (cosmetics, sweets, stationery, clothes, children's items, toys and domestic goods).

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The Pleats range emerged in 1989 with a different collection every season and the spring/summer collection of 1993 saw the emergence of PLEATS PLEASE as a brand in its own right. The PLEATS PLEASE line embodies one of the most fundamental concepts of Issey Miyake - where the true value of design lies in its integration into the everyday life and comfort of the wearer. Thanks to technological development, the traditional pleat has evolved into a light, easy to wear, highly functional modern product and loved by women around the world.
Since its launch in 2000, BAO BAO has established itself as a distinctive line of bags and pouches by pursuing intriguing shapes born out of diverse materials and simple pieces. The line features a flexible functionality perfect for busy modern lifestyles.


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TASAKI Jewelry & Cosmetics

TASAKI carries a great collection of saltwater and freshwater pearls, black pearls, and white pearls, which are popular as gifts overseas. Along with reasonably products such as ball-point pens, clocks, and other gift items the store also has a large collection of beautifully cut diamonds, polished by the company's own craftsmen. TASAKI provides after sales services on all items sold at its branches around the world.


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TIME GALLERY Jewelry & Cosmetics

Time Gallery specializes in Japanese watches for people from all over the world as gifts or for personal use. Popular selections are AGS watches, which never need new batteries, watches with back light, solar watches, and watches with titanium cases. There are also many world timepieces and dual-time watches in stock.

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NARITA KADAN Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

This is a very stylish boutique, combining a florist shop with a gift shop.It is the only flower shop in Narita Airport. Its bouquets and floral arrangements are all made to order and the staff guarantee satisfaction with reasonably priced items and a beautiful wrapping service. The store also carries flower vases, accessories, and floral print music boxes and can arrange delivery of flowers anywhere in the world.

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  • ruinas el dia
ruinas el dia Fashion

The shop offers a broad selection of accessories with delicate designs and feminine qualities that would make the perfect treat for yourself. Find your favorite accessory to dress up with and make your trip more enjoyable.
Accessories, watches, porch, hats

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  • Drug NAAS
Drug NAAS Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

Purchase your medical requirements here in peace of mind.Qualified personnel are on hand at all times to answer your questions.
We look forward to serving you with a wide range of travel accessories.
Popular items:
Prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health food and vitamin supplements, etc.

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  • Juchheim
Juchheim Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

The reputable confectionery store, Juchheim, was the first to make Baumkuchen in Japan. It continues to provide customers with Baumkuchen and other delicious baked confectionery from Germany based on the philosophy, "What is good for the body tastes good".

Juchheim's superb Baumkuchen cakes are baked carefully one layer at a time using dough made from an abundance of quality butter and eggs.

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  • earth music&ecology airport store
earth music&ecology airport store Fashion

A casual-wear brand incorporating standard and popular natural designs based on the theme of relaxation. The shop sells natural items with a cute appeal that female customers will value for years to come.
Popular items:
Ladies apparel, miscellaneous goods *We also have exclusive products that are only available at the Narita Airport store.

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GINZA AKEBONO Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

A long-established rice cracker and Japanese confectionery store from Ginza providing unique gifts and assortments of confectionery in decorated boxes. Smaller selections are also available for those moments abroad when you crave for the taste of Japan.

Ajino Mingei, Sorezore, bean-jam filled wafers with sweet chestnuts, assortment of confectionery in decorated boxes

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  • BLUE SKY Souvenir Plaza
BLUE SKY Souvenir Plaza Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Japanese citizens living overseas are often delighted with familiar foods from back home and they make great souvenirs for non-Japanese as well. The store has a wide variety of seafood, broiled eel, Japanese confectionery and famous sweets from various parts of Japan. Products can also be ordered in advance via the Internet to be picked up at the airport.
Product lines: Eel, seasoned cod roe, Chinese noodles, dried fish, Japanese confectionery, etc.

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  • MUJI to GO
MUJI to GO Travel Goods & Pharmaceuticals

Useful travel and business items that are carefully selected from MUJI's entire product line are packed into a single store at MUJI to GO.
The store offers a broad range of products that come in very useful at airports including stationery with handy functions and goods to make your travel more comfortable.

Popular items:
Clothing accessories, bags, undergarments, travel accessories, stationery, food products

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  • Wamonoya Kaya
Wamonoya Kaya Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Since the cultural enlightenment of the Meiji era, Japanese people have enthusiastically embraced Western art and have produced practical folkcraft that exhibit unique beauty. Japanese folkcraft is truly a mixture of Japanese and ethnic influences.
Enjoy Japanese products that live on to this day.

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  • KAIZOSHA Bookstore
KAIZOSHA Bookstore Books

This spacious, bright, salon-style bookstore offers books and magazines for in-flight reading and a great selection of guidebooks, foreign language handbooks, dictionaries, and books that introduce readers to Japan's culture and natural beauty in English, which make great gifts for friends abroad. It also carries greeting cards and stationery.

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Select items from the wide range of store brands from the United Arrows Group. Offering an extensive variety of goods for the seasoned traveler with some items only available at this store.
Popular items: Men's & women's apparel, fashion accessories, bags


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KYOKOMONO IWAI Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Iwai is reminiscent of Japan's famous ancient capital of Kyoto and street corners, with its traditional Kyoto-style structure, and elegant charm. The store has selected items that are useful and durable, yet make use of the traditional beauty of Kyoto. These include fans, both decorative and practical, Nishijin silk fabricated wallets, pouches, and bags, Yuzen silk fabricated bags, furoshiki(a Japanese wrapping cloth), and incense.

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ABISTE Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

ABISTE is an import accessory brand offering customers a range of select fashion items sourced from 15 countries around the world, mainly in Europe and the US. The elegant and colorful designs and the rich splendor of these attractive accessory products will complement your attire, adding beauty and radiance.
The extensive range of products on offer include shiny timepieces, ball-point pens with charms, original airport items and other unique and enjoyable fashion items.
Please take the opportunity to shop for items which beam with individuality as a gift to others or for yourself.
* Open for a limited time from 11 December 2014 to 31 March 2015.

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AUDIO PLAZA Cameras & Electrical Products

For those looking for electronic products, the expert staff at this store can help with selections from the many different electronics and electric appliances in stock. Popular items in the well-stocked store are compact, yet excellent MD players, translation machines with voice output, and electronic dictionaries. Walkman and CD players can also be used overseas and make great gifts.


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  • BeeBox
BeeBox Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

Bee Box specializes in Sanrio characters goods and toys as well as items to do with Tokyo such as Tokyo Sky Tree goods.
Popular items:
Character goods, toys


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KITAMURA CAMERA Cameras & Electrical Products

This bright, spacious camera store is located in the central section of the fourth floor.
Digital cameras, memory cards, files, batteries, calculators and electronic dictionaries.
All at reasonable prices.

Digital cameras, memory cards, etc.


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Product lines:
Magazines, travel guidebooks, newspapers, tobacco

  • Wagokorosouka
Wagokorosouka Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Goods

A confectionery store selling a wide array of ideal gifts including products from Tokyo's famous Japanese confectionery maker, Shinkine, as well as Ariake which makes Yokohama Harbor and Syumpoo known for its semi-baked sponge cakes.

Wide selection of Japanese-style confectionery such as the much-talked-about Karinto Manju buns and Shinkine's original Yaki-daifuku bean-filled rice cakes.

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  • Brooks Brothers
Brooks Brothers Fashion

A classic American brand, Brooks Brothers
Founded in 1818, Brooks Brothers is recognized as a high quality brand for its devotion to tradition and history, and continues to be loved by many prominent figures including US presidents and Hollywood stars.
Find the perfect item for business trips and holidays from a wide selection of business and casual clothing for men and women.
Drop in on your next visit to Narita.


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OJICO is a new style of brand offering T-shirts that appeal to adults and fit all sizes, from children to mothers and fathers.
With 'intelligence' and 'avant-garde' as the store's concept, all OJICO products come in unique designs or have an interesting story behind how they were made. Another key feature of OJICO T-shirts is that they are made in Japan using quality fabric and sewn and printed with utmost care.
*Open from 30 Sep to 31 Mar only.

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