Narita International Airport offers a website that is more useful and provides more enjoyment to our customers while also remaining committed to improved accessibility for its many customers, including senior citizens and those with disabilities.

Compatibility with Text to Speech Software

The Narita International Airport website is designed for internet accessibility and has been compiled to be compatible with voice browsers. 

Compatibility with Voice Browsers

When using the text to speech function, a synthesized voice reads out the text in the location selected by the keyboard or mouse. This allows users with visual impairments to browse website contents.

Guidelines for Text to Speech Software

・ Specify levels of information such as "headings", "sub-headings" or "text body" to enable use of the skip function by text to speech software.
・ Take into consideration the order in which the software reads out the text when compiling tables or tab settings for layout purposes.
・ Do not use symbols or letters that are not compatible with text to speech.
・ Make sure that graphics data include some text that describes the image so that it can be read out by the software.
Note: The guidelines above have been used when compiling this website, however, the layout in some pages may affect the sequence in which some table data are read out and some text to speech software may not be able to reproduce the text accurately. 


A color setting button is available at the bottom of the website pages to enable users to adjust the background and font colors for the benefit of those with visual impairments. 


・ Important information is laid out as conspicuously as possible at the top of each page for the benefit of senior citizens and those with disabilities.
・ Color is not the only element used to provide information. Information is also presented through the use of text that is understandable and recognizable without the use of color.