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Please do not pack cigarette lighters and other dangerous items in suitcases!

Thank you very much for using Narita International Airport.

An in-line screening system will be introduced in the North Wing of Terminal 1 at Narita International Airport on 8 July 2008 subsequent to a similar system already in service in the South Wing and in Terminal 2.

Please do not pack cigarette lighters and other dangerous items (*) or undeveloped films inside baggage to be checked in at the airline check-in counters.

If cigarette lighters or any other dangerous items are found inside checked baggage, that baggage may be re-inspected at the boarding gate in the presence of the customer. Alternatively, some airlines may instruct inspectors to open the baggage without the owner being present and confiscate any prohibited items before loading the baggage on the aircraft.

In addition, the in-line screening system uses highly sensitive equipment which may expose undeveloped films. Please take undeveloped films on board with your carry-on baggage.

Please contact your airline for further details.

* Check the website below for information on types of dangerous items.

In the past, baggage at Narita was inspected using an X-ray scanner before being checked in. With the introduction of the in-line screening system, baggage will be inspected automatically after check in while being transported to be loaded to the aircraft.

The in-line screening system will use advanced, highly sensitive X-ray equipment to perform safer and more accurate inspection.
Since there will no longer be a need to have X-ray scanners in front of the check-in area, the lobby will be more open, and waiting time at check-in counters will be significantly reduced because baggage scanning will be no longer required.
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