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Hong Kong Airlines increases operation Narita <=> Hong Kong to four flights every day from March 31!

It becomes even more useful, allowing you to select flights flexibly at your convenience.

Hong Kong is a very diverse international city, where Asian and Western cultures have mixed, and it serves the role of a financial center hosting the offices of companies from around the world. Many Japanese companies are also establishing offices in Hong Kong, attracted by the low tax and free trade ensured. The city is developing greatly as an international city in Asia.

While the city has the strong image of a metropolis with high-rise buildings, the suburbs are also rich in spots to enjoy nature, including mountains, the coast, and parks. There are many hiking courses maintained, offering easy access to wonderful nature. The contrast of mountains, sea, and the cluster of high-rise buildings is also a landscape peculiar to Hong Kong.

For sightseeing and business, please consider using Hong Kong Airlines, which offers even more convenient access to Hong Kong, an enchanting city featuring a combination of nature and a metropolis.


Sunday, March 31, 2024


Hong Kong

Number of flights

4 flights every day


Terminal 1 North Wing

Rail Station

Narita Airport Station

Please check Hong Kong Airlines website for flight schedules and other details.