At Narita Airport, we strive to offer greater accessibility so that our facilities are available to all members of the public, especially senior citizens and those with disabilities.

Compatibility with Text to Speech Software

Compatibility with Voice Browsers

Using text to speech, a sentence in a location specified by keyboard operation can be read out by a synthesized voice. This enables those with sight or other impairments to read website content.

Guidelines for Text to Speech Software

  • Specify levels of information such as "headings", "sub-headings" or "text body" to enable use of the skip function by text to speech software.
  • When compiling the tabular data, consideration is to be given to the order in which the software will read out the text.
  • The system must not use machine dependent characters that are unsuitable for text to speech.
  • Where graphics are concerned, text to explain the content of the graphic is to be recorded in the system so that it can be read out by the text to speech software.

Note: This site has been compiled based on the above guidelines but content layout may cause some sections of tables to be read out in the wrong order and some text to speech software may not be fully compatible.


A color setting button is available at the bottom of the website pages to enable users to adjust the background and font colors for the benefit of those with visual impairments.


  • Important information is laid out as conspicuously as possible at the top of each page for the benefit of senior citizens and those with disabilities.
  • Color is not the only element used to provide information. Information is also presented through the use of text that is understandable and recognizable without the use of color.