Airport Notifications

Liquid items purchased at consumption tax duty-free shops inside the market area should be put in a suitcase in advance and deposited at the check-in counter.

・Tax exemption system for foreign travelers was revised, so that from October 1, 2014, exportable goods were expanded, and consumables such as foods, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, etc., were newly targeted.

・When using international flights, all liquids in containers exceeding 100 ml (g) are prohibited to be brought into the aircraft. Therefore, even if it is a liquid item such as a beverage or cosmetics purchased at a consumption tax duty free shop in the market area, the corresponding goods can not be brought in.

・Please check the applicable items as checked baggage with the check-in counter in advance. Please submit a "Purchase Record Ticket" to the customs official at the customs booth after the security inspection, and declare that you deposited the items as checked baggage.

Check here for details on bringing in liquids

Security Guide